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  1. Vic Berger, Chelsea Peretti, and More Are Developing TV Shows with Super […]Super Deluxe has big plans for frequent collaborator Vic Berger. The studio/production company recently announced its slate of television […]
  2. ‘The Story of Everest’ and More of the Most Influential Comedy to Today’s […]If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time today, Decider published a great two-part series where they asked 25 comedy writers to write […]
  3. July 2017 Standup Roundup: Erik Griffin, Ari Shaffir, and Joe MandeIt’s actually nice that only three specials came out last month. We needed some room to breathe, take a break from our screens, get outside, […]
  4. Joe Mande on His ‘Award-Winning Comedy Special’ and Alternating Between […] Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special hit Netflix early this morning. The premise of Mande’s first “televised” hour is that he has been […]
  5. ‘Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special’ Gets an Extremely Classy TrailerJoe Mande is set to make his hourlong standup special debut on Netflix later this month, and today the streaming network released a trailer. […]
  6. ‘Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special’ Premieres on Netflix Next MonthStandup and writer Joe Mande is the latest comedian to join Netflix’s impressive lineup of comedy specials this year. On Twitter today, Mande […]
  7. Adam Scott and Joe Mande Are Developing a Marijuana Dispensary Comedy for […]Parks and Rec’s Adam Scott and Joe Mande are teaming up for a brand new NBC comedy. Deadline reports that the pair are developing a show for […]
  8. The 7 Best DIY-ish Comedy Albums of 2014This is a collection of the best comedy albums I heard this year that aren’t by like huge rich comics like Jim Gaffigan or Aziz Ansari. Not […]
  9. Joe Mande Will Start a Podcast If People Give Him a Million Dollars Via […]Standup and Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande has turned to Kickstarter for his latest internet experiment. He’s posted a Kickstarter campaign […]
  10. Watch Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel’s Phonetically Accurate Music Video for […]Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel are known for making some pretty great pop culture-focused videos for their live variety show Totally J/K, and […]
  11. Watch Joe Mande Do Standup on ‘Late Night’Parks and Rec and Kroll Show writer Joe Mande was the featured comic on last night’s Late Night. In his set, Mande covers everything from […]
  12. Joe Mande Did the First-Ever Reddit Ask Me NothingWhile promoting his new standup mixtape Bitchface, comedian and Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande went on Reddit, and instead of doing an “Ask Me […]
  13. Talking to Joe Mande About His Standup Mixtape, Writing for ‘Parks and […] Joe Mande always seems one step ahead. Whether it’s his Twitter stunts, multimedia shows, or stories about attending a live taping of The […]
  14. Joe Mande Is Releasing a Standup Mixtape Later This WeekStandup and Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande is putting out his first comedy album this week. Called Bitchface, it’s being released as a mixtape […]
  15. Joe Mande, Noah Garfinkel, and Pete Holmes Talked About Things Not To Do […] Writers and hosts of the much beloved show Totally J/K Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel stopped by The Pete Holmes Show last night, and they […]
  16. Joe Mande Is Trying to Buy One Million Twitter FollowersStandup and Parks and Recreation writer Joe Mande is trying something new on Twitter: buying a million bot followers from questionable overseas […]
  17. Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel Made the Perfect Fan Video for Daft Punk’s […] Here’s a pretty impressive music video that Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel, hosts of the NYC (and now LA) comedy show Totally J/K, made for the […]
  18. A Funny Thing: Joe Mande Loses His Religion and a Whole Lot MoreOur story this week: Ambivalent Jew, Joe Mande (Kroll Show, Parks and Rec, Best Week Ever) was looking for God in all the wrong places, […]
  19. kroll show
    Watch Another Superb Sketch From Kroll Show“Oh, hello.”
  20. Watch Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Reprise Their ‘Oh, Hello’ Characters for […] Here’s a brand new clip from Nick Kroll’s Comedy Central series Kroll Show in which he and SNL writer John Mulaney reprise their “Oh, Hello” […]
  21. 10 Comedians on Instagram You Really Should Be FollowingIs an Instagram worth a thousand words? You bet your smart phone camera it is! With so many ways to stay in touch and be constantly entertained […]
  22. ‘Variety’ Tells Us about Their 10 Comics to WatchTwo weeks ago, we showed you the cover of Variety’s “10 Comics To Watch” issue. The issue hits newsstands this week, so finally we can get an […]
  23. Leaked ‘Variety’ Cover Reveals the 10 Comics to Watch for 2012Sarah Colonna tweeted this picture that reveals this year’s Variety “10 Comics to Watch”, probably because she was super excited to be […]
  24. Megan Amram, Joe Mande, Ilana Glazer, Lauren Lapkus and Others Named […]Megan Amram, Jerrod Carmichael, Arthur Meyer, Sean Patton, Rebecca Delgado Smith, Joe Mande, Ilana Glazer, Lauren Lapkus, Sheng Wang, and Betsy […]
  25. Talking with Joe Mande about the Final Totally J/K, ‘Parks & Rec’, and […]With Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” and Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” playing over the soundsystem, the atmosphere was decidedly somber at the […]
  26. Joe Mande to Write for ‘Parks & Recreation’At around 2:00pm today, Joe Mande announced via Tweet (check it out below) that he was hired as a writer on Parks & Recreation and he’ll be […]
  27. Take a Video Tour of Five of New York’s Best Comedy Shows New York, comedy jungle where jokes are made of There’s nothin’ you can’t do Now you’re in New York These jokes will make you feel brand […]
  28. New Crop of Comedy Central Half-Hours Premiering this Friday Comedy Central Goodbye Comedy Central Presents – hello The Half Hour. Ostensibly, they’re the same thing but The Half Hour sounds cooler. […]
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    Watch a Comedy Clusterf*ck on The Chris Gethard ShowEveryone was on Chris Gethard’s show. Everyone.
  30. Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, & Jon Glaser Check in on a Very Special Chris […] As regular fans of The Chris Gethard Show know, “Checking in With Alyssa” features call-ins from 16-year-old Alyssa. On this week’s episode, […]
  31. The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall of Hipster BashingLet’s get the eye rolling out of the way. We all know hipsters are the worst because they’ve been defined as such since the turn of the […]
  32. Talking to Joe Mande About Standup, Writing, and Tormenting Celebrities on […]Unless you’re Grover Norquist, or David Vitter, or Frankie Muniz or Gilbert Arenas, you probably find Joe Mande pretty damn funny. Mande is a […]
  33. Joe Mande Is a Big Sleepie on Conan Joe Mande’s Conan set last night contained my favorite Joe Mande bit of all time. It’s also a bit which makes me laugh extra loud while […]
  34. Check Out Photos of Splitsider’s Birthday BashThis past Saturday, we celebrated the one year anniversary of Splitsider (technically it’s in a couple of weeks, but who’s counting?) with a […]
  35. A Reading of a Screenplay Based on Glenn Beck’s NovelComedian Joe Mande’s Adaptation of Glenn Beck’s NovelUCBcomedy.com Apparently, the new hot thing to do when making a comedy video is […]