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  1. The Stars of Netflix’s ‘MST3K’ Are Going on Tour This SummerMST3K might be coming to a city near you this summer. Today MST3K’s Watch Out for Snakes! tour was announced, which will be headed up by Joel […]
  2. ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Local TV OriginsGuys, there’s so much TV now. There are a million channels, with new ones launching constantly, and then tons of streaming platforms, with new […]
  3. Joel Hodgson and Jonah Ray on MST3K, Acting With Puppets, and Terrible MoviesA wide-ranging conversation with the creator and host of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return.
  4. Building on Sacred Ground with the New Cast of ‘MST3K’ Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is one of those cultural touchstones – much like Doctor Who, Firefly, and the works of Terry Pratchett […]
  5. When Feig, Apatow, Cross, and Hodgson Spun the ‘TV Wheel’ What innovations are there in television? Multi-camera filming, laugh tracks, color, the variety show, cable, reality TV, HD, digital […]
  6. Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Nell Scovell, and More Among ‘MST3K’ Guest […]The MST3K Kickstarter campaign has hit the $4 million mark, so now that at least nine new episodes of the show are guaranteed, Joel Hodgson […]
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    How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Came Back to LifeAnd what the new episodes will look like.
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    Felicia Day Joins MST3K RevivalShe’ll be the villain — guess who’s playing Crow and Servo?
  9. Felicia Day, Baron Vaughn, and Hampton Yount Join the ‘MST3K’ RebootNow that Joel Hodgson’s MST3K reboot Kickstarter campaign has reached its $2 million goal and The Meltdown’s Jonah Ray has been named the new […]
  10. Joel Hodgson Wants Jonah Ray to Be the New Host of ‘MST3K’Not long after Joel Hodgson launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Mystery Science Theater 3000 to a new generation, he’s revealed who he […]
  11. Randy and Jason Sklar Crack Jokes From the Cheap Seats Riffing, heckling, interrupting: whatever you want to call it, making fun of bad movies and TV shows is a time honored tradition shared by […]
  12. Joel Hodgson Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Back ‘MST3K’Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson wants to revamp his show for a new generation for the first time since its 1999 cancellation, […]
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    Joel Hodgson Is Kickstarting the Return of MST3KHopefully they’ll finally address how he eats and breathes.
  14. Joel Hodgson Is Bringing Back ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Turkey DayMystery Science Theater 3000 creator and original host Joel Hodgson is resurrecting the show’s Thanksgiving marathon Turkey Day this year, EW […]
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    MST3K’s Joel Hodgson on Reuniting His Movie RiffersHe’s reunited his ‘MST3K’ crew for the traveling show ‘Cinematic Titanic.’
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    Jean-Claude Van Damme Makes Us Wish the ‘JCVD’ Press Tour Could Last ForeverPlus: Jared Followill thinks all starlets look the same.