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  1. movie review
    A Little of The Suicide Squad Goes a Long WayIt’s possible James Gunn’s “soft reboot” of the DC superhero franchise is too much of a good thing and not enough of a better thing.
  2. Will Smith Gave Joel Kinnaman a Terrible TattooAs if Suicide Squad wasn’t a permanent-enough blemish. 
  3. chat room
    Joel Kinnaman Is Glad Suicide Squad’s Bad Reviews Lowered ExpectationsAnd, looking forward, he’s in a new indie thriller called Edge of Winter.
  4. critics
    Suicide Squad Cast Defends Film From Bad Reviews“I just don’t think they like superhero movies.”
  5. puppeteering
    Leto Wasn’t the Only Terror on Suicide Squad set“I felt really betrayed. And that’s exactly what David wanted me to feel.”
  6. Joel Kinnaman Joins Netflix’s Altered CarbonHe’ll be “downloaded into a future he’d tried to stop.”
  7. movie review
    Movie Review: RoboCopStarring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, and Michael Keaton.
  8. chat room
    Joel Kinnaman on RoboCop and His Day With Malick“I’d be on page 12 of my 17-page monologue, and I’d turn around and see that he was 100 yards away, shooting a pink dog.”
  9. trailer mix
    RoboCop Trailer: Cure for the Common RoboPhobiaIt’s short for “Robot Cop.”
  10. trailer mix
    RoboCop Trailer: Joel Kinnaman Gets Darth VaderedAlso starring Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson.
  11. tv review
    TV Review: The Killing Season ThreeThe AMC procedural sometimes carries itself as if it’s the greatest series in the history of American television.
  12. casting
    Now Benedict Cumberbatch May Play Julian AssangeWith Joel Kinnaman as his right-hand man.
  13. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Bryan Cranston Beat Letterman at His Own JokePlus: Christopher Nolan gave Morgan Freeman a stuffed bat in a glass box, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  14. trailer mix
    Easy Money Trailer: Joel Kinnaman’s High Life (of Crime)Holder from The Killing, still mixed up in misdeeds.
  15. party chat
    Olivia Munn on Fake News and The Killing FinaleAlso, her plan to become BFFs with Larry David.
  16. robocop
    RoboCop Finds Its Villain in Hugh LaurieWill play power-hungry CEO of the evil Omnicorp.
  17. chat room
    Joel Kinnaman on Who Killed Rosie Larsen“The killer will make sense, and it does pay off. But I also went, ‘You bastards!’ when I found out, because I knew it, and I didn’t know it, you know?”
  18. robocop
    Gary Oldman Joins RobocopHe will play Norton, Robocop’s scientist creator.
  19. trailer mix
    Lola Versus Trailer: Greta Gerwig Just Can’t Get Over Joel KinnamanWell, could you?
  20. exclusive
    Vulture Exclusive: The Poster for Greta Gerwig’s Summer Rom-Com, Lola VersusAlso starring Joel Kinnaman from The Killing.
  21. makeovers
    You’ll Be Able to See RoboCop’s Eyes NowIn the remake.
  22. movies
    Joel Kinnaman Could Be the New RobocopHe’s gotten an offer to star in the remake.
  23. Game of Thrones Actor Lands Arthur and Lancelot LeadKit Harrington will star opposite Joel Kinnaman in the new movie.
  24. casting
    The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman Lands Arthur & LancelotGo Holder!
  25. cheek by jowl
    The Homeboy Off: Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman vs. The Killing’s Stephen HolderA helpful guide to the differences and similarities of the AMC homeboys.
  26. chat room
    The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman on Playing a Skeevy Cop in a Dirty Hoodie“He’s been wearing the same hoodie for eight episodes … it smells terrible.”
  27. casting
    The Killing Stars Land Big-Screen RolesMireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman get promotions.