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  1. how to make a movie
    How to Compose a Killer Film Score, by Michael GiacchinoWhat his work on Up, Star Trek, The Incredibles, and the small screen’s Lost taught him about writing a powerful piece of movie music.
  2. box office
    What Summer Movies Were Surprisingly Big Hits Overseas?The American Reunion and Ice Age franchises are shockingly huge abroad.
  3. pixar
    Andrew Stanton to Direct Finding Nemo SequelIn return, the John Carter helmer hopes to make another live-action movie.
  4. john carter
    See How Pixar Assisted in Animation for John CarterFree Woola! (Remember? No?)
  5. john carter
    Watch the Original Opening Scene to John CarterEven Pixar was like, “Guys, let’s think about this.”
  6. analysis
    Does Disney Have an Identity Crisis?The job has been vacant since Rich Ross lost his job last month. The next chief will have to figure out what “Disney” means in 2012.
  7. john carter
    See Posters for Movies Renamed After Their Protagonists, à la John CarterNope, Cowboys & Aliens still looks ridiculous.
  8. money
    Disney to Lose $200 Million on John CarterOuch.
  9. Your Box Office Explained: 21 Jump Street Revives BromanceAnd John Carter is still losing.
  10. box office
    21 Jump Street Holds Up the Box Office for $35 MillionPlus, John Carter sinks further.
  11. teaser tragedy
    The Inside Story of How John Carter Was Doomed by Its First TrailerAnd how director Andrew Stanton had only himself to blame.
  12. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: The Lorax Goes Green AgainSeuss film snags another $40 million while John Carter flounders.
  13. box office zilch
    John Carter Box Office Verdict: Not So GoodConsolation prize: It was Russia’s biggest-ever opener.
  14. movie review
    John Carter Isn’t the Worst Film Ever MadeThere’s no wonder or elation or even dopy sincerity here — just a high level of proficiency and, yes, a lot of expensive CGI.
  15. the star market
    The Star Market: How Many Big Chances Will Taylor Kitsch Get? Not too many more.
  16. woola watch
    What is Woola? Let John Carter Critics Try to Tell You“Kind of a giant Red Bull-infused dog.”
  17. john carter
    Watch the Trailer for Shawn Carter (Which Is Just John Carter With Jay-Z)Featuring J Dilla as J Woola, obviously.
  18. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Susan Sarandon Needs the Perfect Pre-Premiere PillPlus: Ed Helms fed alligators marshmallows in the Bayou, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  19. life advice
    Taylor Kitsch’s Shoe-Tying Tip Will Change Your LifeSays Taylor Kitsch.
  20. chat room
    Director Andrew Stanton on His Sci-Fi Fantasy Epic John Carter and Why He’s Hoping for a Trilogy“It’s really like we’ve made the pilot to a season we’re hoping to get.”
  21. mars attacks
    Are Mars Movies Doomed?John Carter, take note: Movies involving the red planet tend to struggle.
  22. further inquiries
    Latest John Carter Footage Raises Many New and Exciting QuestionsIs John Carter hoarding a collection of magic beans?
  23. questionaire
    25 Pressing Questions About John CarterWould Tim Riggins see this movie?
  24. movies
    John Carter Dedicated to Steve JobsHe “protected us from all the bad influences of the outside world,” says director Andrew Stanton.
  25. John Carter Director Insists He Stayed on BudgetTHR claims movie cost $300 million, up from $175 million.
  26. woola watch
    Here is the Woola Clip From John Carter That Will Change EverythingFinally, Woola in action!
  27. movies
    Why We’re Obsessed With Woola From John CarterEverything you need to know about the insane dog-creature from Disney’s upcoming megabudgeted sci-fi vehicle.
  28. trailer mix
    Which Movie Trailer Won the Super Bowl?Watch them all.
  29. See Taylor Kitsch Chained Up on the New John Carter PosterUh-oh.
  30. Let’s Dive Deep Into the Trailer for John Carter, Disney’s Expensive Question MarkHas Disney figured out how to sell its $300 million movie?
  31. Watch a Little Bit of the New John Carter TrailerThe full trailer will be out later today.
  32. movies
    How Much Does John Carter Need to Make to Get a Sequel?Way, way more than you’d think.
  33. movies
    Seven Things to Know About The Avengers, Pixar, and More From Disney’s D23 ExpoScarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner have logged a lot of unnecessary air miles.
  34. clickables
    See a Shirtless Riggins on the John Carter Teaser PosterOne pec > no pecs.
  35. movies
    John Carter No Longer Of MarsIt’s like ‘ER’ never even happened.