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John From Cincinnati

  1. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Translates HBO’s Apology Letter to David Milch FansLucky for you, we’ve pulled out our PR Flack–to–English dictionaries and have translated several key passages for your convenience.
  2. the early-evening news
    Amy Winehouse Indulges in a Little ‘Fight Club’ Role PlayCrazy Brit headline-hogger Amy Winehouse finds herself in the spotlight again today, after engaging in a “bloody row” with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, at a London hotel that spilled out on the streets.
  3. tube junkie
    A Few Words of Advice for David MilchWe’d avoid watching this video at work (or within 500 yards of a school).
  4. the early-evening news
    Perry Farrell Writes Theme Song for ESPN — No, We Don’t Know WhyTrent Reznor, Karl Rove, and more!
  5. overnights
    ‘John From Cincinnati’: The Problem With CassIn our John From Cincinnati daydreams, the show is a perfectly calibrated mix of memorable characters engaging in entertainingly streetwise banter to express their thoughts about the supernatural events complicating an epic family drama.
  6. overnights
    ‘John From Cincinnati’: Dr. Smith, We’re Counting on YouWe suspected Dr. Michael Smith would be more important than he looked: Despite appearing in the classically ephemeral television role of “doctor delivering the news in a hallway,” his picture and bio are listed on John From Cincinnati’s official Website. A dead giveaway.
  7. overnights
    ‘John From Cincinnati’: Behold the Magic Bird!The second episode of David Milch’s John From Cincinnati continues to announce the show’s deep ambitions — and alienate plot-hungry 24 fans everywhere. Disregarding anything like suspense, John creates an eerie, foreboding air that’s more like DeLillo’s “Airborne Toxic Event” from White Noise than 24’s season-five threat.
  8. overnights
    ‘John From Cincinnati’: About Three Inches Off the Ground
  9. the weekend read
    ‘In a Life Filled With Mistakes, This Is One I Don’t Need’