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John Galliano

  1. vulture picture palace
    Filmmaker Cindy Stillwell Gets Up Close and Personal With Tractors, SheepA Season on the Move should ideally be seen on the biggest screen possible. But watch it on your laptop anyway!
  2. apropos of nothing
    David Archuleta’s Father Is Taking Stage Parenting to a Whole New Archu-LevelYesterday, we wondered how American Idol front-runner David Archuleta got to be such a strong contender. And now we know — he has a crazy overbearing stage dad! Allegedly!
  3. quote machine
    Fat Joe Is Realistic About His ChancesPlus: What’s John Darnielle listening to?
  4. last night’s gig
    ‘Chocolate Rain’ Man Tay Zonday Performs Other Songs, TooWas it the Giants game or the promise of “Chocolate Rain” that drew the crowd to Greenpoint’s Club Europa last night?
  5. the industry
    ‘G.I. Joe’ Recruits Sienna MillerPlus: A guy from Heroes wrote a play!