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  1. tv review
    The Conners Doesn’t Need RoseanneMinus Roseanne Barr and Trumpian politics, The Conners moves forward in funny, sturdy fashion.
  2. comedy
    HBO Orders The Righteous Gemstones to Series, Blesses Us With a First-Look ImagePraise his name.
  3. the conners
    John Goodman Confirms Roseanne’s Character Will Have Died in Conners Spin-Off“I know for a fact that she’s not a racist,” he says of Barr’s dismissal from her titular sitcom.
  4. pilot orders
    HBO Orders a Pilot for Danny McBride’s The Righteous GemstonesJohn Goodman will star alongside McBride.
  5. sitcoms
    Roseanne Spinoff The Conners Is Officially Happening This FallRoseanne Barr won’t be involved financially or creatively.
  6. Roseanne Is Back Wearing a Trump Hat, But Showing Progressive TendenciesRoseanne still does what it did well in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but with a stronger political streak.
  7. roll clip!
    Roseanne Has No Patience for Dan Romanticizing the Past in New Roseanne ClipsThe Conner family is back on the couch.
  8. Dan Is Alive in the Roseanne Revival, But New Episodes Won’t ‘Ignore’ FinaleIf this turns out to be another book, so help us D.J. …
  9. comebacks
    ABC Officially Picks Up the Roseanne RevivalThe revival had been shopped around to several networks.
  10. roll clip!
    Dan and Darlene Share an Overdue Moment in Roseanne Reunion SceneDan’s alive!
  11. roll clip!
    Jeff Bridges Honors a Very Not-Dead John Goodman With the Dude’s Eulogy Speech“He’s a good actor, he’s a good man, John Goodman.”
  12. The Best Cameo Appearances in ‘SNL’ History This past weekend, Saturday Night Live viewers were given a nice surprise, as Melissa McCarthy made a cameo appearance playing Press […]
  13. Casey Affleck Brings End-of-Year Cheer to the Last ‘SNL’ of 2016 This week, Saturday Night Live closed out 2016 with the wry humor of Casey Affleck, the unfailing charm of Chance the Rapper, fun cameos from […]
  14. fall preview 2016
    The Front Page’s Stars on Playing Journalists“Part of the issue with trusting the media now is that it’s as partisan as politics.”
  15. john goodman is a good man
    John Goodman Will Play the Hero in Peter Berg’s Boston Marathon Bombing Movie“Commissioner Davis is an American hero.”
  16. movie reviews
    10 Cloverfield Lane Has Many Mysteries, Not All of Them IntentionalEven so, the movie does what it needs to do.
  17. awkwardness
    Somebody — Anybody — Give John Goodman a Hug and Tell Him How Great He IsHe tells Howard Stern he doesn’t feel “super A-level.”
  18. movie reviews
    Love the Coopers Sells Its Tired Premise WellThe film isn’t unique, but the careful details, and stacked cast, make it work.
  19. behind the scenes
    Elizabeth Warren Played Herself in Alpha HouseThe Garry Trudeau–created Amazon show returns for season 2 in October.
  20. casting couch
    John Goodman Will Reteam With Bryan Cranston for Trumbo BiopicPlus Helen Mirren.
  21. Amazon Renews ‘Alpha House’ for Season 2, Creator Garry Trudeau to Put […]Streaming service Amazon Studios has renewed its John Goodman comedy series Alpha House for a second season, Washington Post reports. Alpha […]
  22. reunited and it feels so good
    Evaluating 2013’s Director-Actor RelationshipsHow did the many star-director reteamings of this Oscar season compare to their previous outings?
  23. ‘SNL’ Review: John Goodman WastedSometimes I wish I could walk into an SNL episode knowing nothing. No information as to who the host or special guests are, or what their […]
  24. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: The Thirteenth Time Is Not Quite the CharmNot John Goodman’s best work.
  25. John Goodman and Taran Killam Get Merry in These ‘SNL’ Promos Here’s a promo for this week’s SNL with Taran Killam and John Goodman, who will be hosting for the 13th time this Saturday. Goodman’s last […]
  26. John Goodman’s SNL Promos Are a Festive ScreamCelebrating 150 years since the last time he hosted.
  27. ‘Alpha House’ Is TV’s Newest, Not Its Best, Political ComedyThe bar for political comedy on TV has been set pretty high by The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Veep, so it has to be an intimidating […]
  28. hosts with the mosts
    Paul Rudd, John Goodman, Jimmy Fallon Will Each Host SNL AgainPaul Rudd, John Goodman, One Direction, and Kings of Leon, too.
  29. Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon to Host the Last Three ‘SNL’s of […]NBC announced today the hosts for the last three SNL episodes of the year: Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon. Rudd will host the […]
  30. Amazon’s First Shows ‘Alpha House’ and ‘Betas’ to Premiere This Month; […]Amazon announced today the premiere dates for its first two original comedies. The John Goodman-starring Alpha House, about a quartet of […]
  31. chat room
    John Goodman on Jazz, the Coens, and Bill Murray“I’ve been Vulturized!”
  32. Your Custom Headstone Does Not Meet Our Standards, by David GuzmanDear Sir, Bloomington Cemetery very much appreciates your business, and we are pleased to see clients who have the foresight to plan ahead for […]
  33. movie review
    Movie Review: Monsters UniversityEnough of Monsters Inc.’s original spirit remains in this prequel that it’d be absurd not to recommend it.
  34. trailer mix
    Monsters University Trailer: Monster School’s Not Out for SummerWho do you think is going to win the “Scare Games”?
  35. Watch Bill Murray’s Cameo in the Amazon Pilot ‘Alpha House’ Amazon unveiled eight comedy pilots on its streaming service this morning, and one of them, Alpha House, features a cameo from Bill Murray. […]
  36. You Can Watch Amazon’s 8 New Comedy Pilots Online Right NowOnline retailer Amazon is making a big push to develop original TV content a la Netflix, and they’ve debuted a slate of eight original comedy […]
  37. trailer mix
    The Hangover III Trailer: ‘That’s the Point: It’s Funny’“When we get together, bad things happen and people get hurt.
  38. casting couch
    John Goodman and Jeffrey Tambor Each Join Amazon PilotsOne will play a senator, and one a news anchor.
  39. John Goodman Will Star in Amazon’s Comedy Pilot ‘Alpha House’ Amazon is getting ready to launch a batch of original comedy shows, and John Goodman has been added the pilot for a new show called Alpha […]
  40. movies
    John Goodman, Fall’s Busiest Supporting Actor, Needs a CigaretteHe slimmed down and sobered up, but with Argo and Flight to promote, he’s not above some old habits.
  41. kudos
    Who Is the MVP of Argo’s Character Actors?Arkin? Goodman? Coach Taylor?
  42. casting couch
    John Goodman Mulling The Hangover Part IIIAs a bad guy.
  43. John Goodman in Talks to Play ‘Hangover III’s’ VillianThe lovely, awesome John Goodman is being eyed to play the bad guy in the final Hangover movie. (More like John not so Goodman. Get it? Because […]
  44. chick-fil-a
    See John Goodman As a Gay-Friendly Colonel Sanders“No genders, no beaks, no butt holes!”
  45. KFC Is Happy to Corner the Gay Chicken Market 1. John Goodman is the best. 2. Who else really wants some fried chicken with a side of gravy right now? 3. John Goodman is the best. […]
  46. john goodman
    Visit a Blog Dedicated to Pasting Pictures of John Goodman’s Face Onto the Bodies of Anime GirlsBehold: Dan Connerson.
  47. tv
    John Goodman Joins Roseanne’s Pilot!!!
  48. Community Recap: ‘Biology 101’“Monkey knockout gas? Now that’s the kind of grounded, sensible thinking I want to see this year.” It’s easy to complain about the state of […]
  49. Community Promises To Be Less Weird Via Epic Musical Number Maybe it’s just a lesson everyone has to learn while trying to convince my friends to see my one-woman production of Carousel, but people […]
  50. clickables
    Get a Quick Preview of John Goodman’s Community Appearance’Community’ returns September 22.
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