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  1. tv review
    Looking for Alaska Is the Rare Adaptation That Improves on the OriginalHulu’s long-gestating miniseries adaptation of John Green’s 2005 YA novel moves the story closer to what it perhaps should’ve been in the first place.
  2. casting
    Kiernan Shipka Leads Cast of Teens for Netflix’s John Green Adaption Let It SnowShe’s joined by Shameik Moore, Isabela Moner, Odeya Rush, and more.
  3. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Podcast Episodes of 2018Decoder Ring, The Nod, This American Life, and more.
  4. podcasts
    John Green Loves Podcasting Because It Reminds Him of Early YouTubeThe writer and longtime Vlogbrother explains why he and Hank Green are kicking off a new partnership with WNYC Studios.
  5. book adaptations
    The John Green Looking for Alaska Adaptation Has Finally Cast Its StarsKristine Froseth will play Alaska, and Charlie Plummer will play Miles.
  6. young adult fiction
    John Green’s Latest YA Novel Turtles All the Way Down Is Getting a MovieFox, which adapted two other Green novels for the big screen, bought the movie rights.
  7. books
    YouTuber Hank Green Is Writing a Novel About Internet FameHank Green’s An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is out fall 2018.
  8. young adult novels
    John Green Spills About Looking for Alaska Movie“I sold the rights in 2005. Paramount refuses to sell them back to me for any price.”
  9. mental illness
    John Green Discusses Dealing With Mental Illness“People get better every day. Of course, they get sick, too.”
  10. vidcon
    An Old Person’s Remote Recap of VidCon 2015I am not what you would call a power user.
  11. movie review
    Paper Towns Finds Something Special Amid All of the MelodramaIt’s the rare movie that can sacrifice the clean lines of fantasy for the messiness of ordinary life.
  12. influences
    John Green on 12 of His Biggest InfluencesIncluding Toni Morrison and Jimmy Stewart.
  13. slurs
    John Green Knows He Shouldn’t Have Used the ‘R-word’ in Paper Towns“Yeah, I regret it.”
  14. trailer mix
    Watch the New Paper Towns Trailer“If there’s a tuba there, it’s not a party.”
  15. vulture festival 2015
    Fault in Our Stars Author John Green on Writing: ‘It Ain’t Coal Mining’The Paper Towns and Fault in Our Stars author joined Vulture’s Margaret Lyons to discuss writing, never making plans, and how America is like a teenager.
  16. vulture festival 2015
    John Green on What He Would Change About His Novels If He Had the Chance“I like The Fault in Our Stars, but I think I like the ending of the movie better than the ending of the book.”
  17. your attention please
    Jason Schwartzman, John Green, Wyatt Cenac, and More Join Vulture FestWe’re bringing back our Animated Voices event!
  18. trailer mix
    Paper Towns Trailer: Manic Pixie Dream Cara Delevingne“Margo Roth Spiegelman.” 
  19. movies
    Cara Delevingne Will Star in the Latest John Green AdaptationYes, that Cara Delevingne.
  20. adaptations
    Sarah Polley May Adapt John Green’s Debut NovelLooking for Alaska.
  21. adaptations
    After The Fault in Our Stars, Where Do John Green’s Other Books Stand?Hollywood is clamoring for more.
  22. controversial opinions
    21 Reasons The Fault in Our Stars Movie Is Better Than the BookGasp, really? Really.
  23. explainers
    Who Is Fault in Our Stars Author John Green?He’s no ordinary YA book author.
  24. movie review
    Edelstein: The Fault in Our Stars Soars on Its StarletWhatever its faults (they’re not in its stars), the movie evokes the heightened intensity of life in the shadow of death.
  25. screaming
    John Green Picks His Favorite Scenes From the Fault in Our Stars MovieAnd more from his BookCon panel.
  26. movies
    Talking to John Green About Fault in Our Stars“I certainly like yerba mate tea more now that I’ve met Shai!”
  27. ya corner
    John Green’s Paper Towns Is Getting a MovieCongrats, Paper Towns.
  28. The Fault in Our Stars Trailer: All TearsShailene Woodley forever.