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John Hillcoat

  1. movie review
    An Inexplicably Starry Cast Elevates the Potboiler Heist Movie Triple 9A lot of A-list blood gets spilled in what’s basically a B movie.
  2. casting
    Cate Blanchett and Christoph Waltz Eyeing Crime Film Triple NineFrom The Road director John Hillcoat.
  3. movies
    Watch Red Dead Redemption, John Hillcoat’s New Short Film“Occasionally … the guy was attacked by a mountain lion.”
  4. chat room
    John Hillcoat on Turning Red Dead Redemption Into a Movie“The last time I played video games was Space Invaders.”
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    Amazing But True: There’s Product Placement in The RoadSpam: It tastes better than people!
  6. countdown
    One of Our Interns Saw ‘The Road’ Last Night!And he liked it!
  7. apropos of nothing
    Visit Beautiful Pittsburgh, Say the Makers of ‘The Road’!Absolutely no CGI was used to enhance the grim ugliness of Pittsburgh winter in the upcoming ‘Road’ movie.