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  1. murder!!
    Paula Pell and John Lutz Are Teaming Up for a Murder-Mystery ComedySeth Meyers and Lorne Michaels are producing.
  2. John Lutz and Tim Robinson’s ‘The Cream Brothers’ Ends with Divorce Papers […]Here’s the final episode of John Lutz and Tim Robinson’s Above Average web series The Cream Brothers, where they’re joined by the perfectly […]
  3. Bobby Moynihan Makes a Terrible Employee on Above Average’s ‘The Cream […]Here’s the latest episode of Tim Robinson and John Lutz’s Above Average series The Cream Brothers, where the two are joined by SNL’s Bobby […]
  4. Check Out Above Average’s New Series ‘The Cream Brothers’ Starring Tim […]If you like SNL alum Tim Robinson, Late Night writer John Lutz, and ice cream, then you’ll love Above Average’s newest web series The Cream […]
  5. Amber Ruffin, John Lutz, and Conner O’Malley Go Through Seth Meyers’s […]Seth Meyers is hosting this year’s Emmys on Monday August 25th, and NBC released a short teaser today that features Late Night writers Amber […]
  6. John Lutz Plays a Super Annoying Yogurt-Eating ‘Late Night’ FanSeth Meyers recently had a run-in with a big Late Night fan who wasn’t exactly Timmy-level adorable. Unfortunately the meeting takes place on […]
  7. John Lutz Goes Undercover as a ‘Late Night’ InternLate Night writer John Lutz had a mid-show business meeting with Seth Meyers last night to rat out some trash-talking by the interns, and he […]
  8. ‘30 Rock’s John Lutz Has Some Solid Advice for Young ImprovisersSNL writer and 30 Rock punching bag John Lutz wrote a piece for the Second City Network called “10 Things to Know About Life After The Second […]
  9. 30 rock
    30 Rock’s John Lutz and Scott Adsit Have a Long and Weird Conversation “I think all of our favorite moments have to do with our own humiliation.”
  10. Lutz from ‘30 Rock’ Is Now a Lab Experiment30 Rock actor and former SNL writer John Lutz is selling his body to science for an upcoming book, as reported by The New York Times. Lutz is […]
  11. Let’s Hear from the Comedians Who Played Comedians in ‘Sleepwalk with Me’ Great acting, Lutz! Sorry you’re typecast as a hotel front desk person. Have you seen Sleepwalk with Me yet? Is it just 90 minutes of […]
  12. the front desk
    Watch Bill Hader in John Lutz’s Web Series, The Front DeskWhatever Hader does with his voice is just … gah, we’re just so onboard with it!
  13. Lutz Tries to Accommodate the Hotel Needs of Three or Four or Five Bill […] There is something inherently sad about this video. Here are three four five four brothers who are genetically identical yet still they can’t […]