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John Madden

  1. casting
    Charlize Theron Sparks to Murder MysteryIt’ll be kind of a vamp on Agatha Christie.
  2. chat room
    Director John Madden Competes With The Avengers“I find the whole idea of a bunch of sexagenarians and septuagenarians taking on the might of the big studio tentpoles very funny.”
  3. harvey danger
    Will We Ever Get to See ‘Killshot’? Maybe Not!After five years of delays, Weinstein has pushed back the release date of ‘Killshot.’ Does this movie even exist?
  4. the industry
    9021-Oh Shit: Brenda’s BackPlus, Werner Herzog’s ‘Bad Lieutenant’ gets two more cast members, and Rick Rubin will go digging in ZZ Top’s beards.