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  1. sobriety
    John Mayer Got Sober After a 6-Day Hangover From Drake’s 30th Birthday Party“I made quite a fool of myself.”
  2. last night on late night
    John Mayer Had a Therapy Session With Andy Cohen About His Dating Woes“Dating John Mayer, at this point, is just conceptually sort of a no-no.”
  3. music
    John Mayer Is Over It and We’re Here for ItThis is Mayer’s “I Give Up” phase and we can relate.
  4. songs of the week
    6 Best New Songs of the Week: Charlie Puth, Sam Hunt, John Mayer, Years & YearsSam Hunt, John Mayer, and Charlie just made you a trio of summer anthems.
  5. The Greatest Grammys Snubs of All TimeAll the times the award show got it wrong.
  6. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Halsey Considers John Mayer a ‘Comedic Genius,’ Sometimes Runs Jokes by HimShe also wants Leo DiCaprio, in his Romeo + Juliet costume, to speak at her funeral.
  7. albums of the week
    Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., and 6 Other Albums to Listen to NowFrom Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. to Little Dragon’s Season High, here’s a selection of new, recently released albums worth checking out.
  8. Maybe John Mayer Could Learn Something From Game of ThronesIs he just doing it on purpose at this point?
  9. bad ideas
    Here’s the Questionable Music Video John Mayer Tried to Preemptively DefendIf you have to explain why you’re not culturally appropriating, you probably are.
  10. oh dear john
    John Mayer Is Trying to Be Woke NowHe’s trying to put his white-supremacist-penis days behind him.
  11. right-click
    John Mayer Remains on the Hunt With The Search for Everything Wave TwoThe search continues.
  12. right-click
    John Mayer’s The Search for Everything Wave One EP Is HereWith promises of “more to come.”
  13. roll clip!
    John Mayer and Dave Chappelle Sing Nirvana JamGreat tastes that taste great together?
  14. the jukebox
    John Mayer Embraces His Pop-Rock Roots With New Song ‘Love on the Weekend’His first track since 2014.
  15. returns that may or may not be welcome
    John Mayer Just Announced New MusicHis new project is called “Love on the Weekend.”
  16. tributes
    Here’s the Lineup for the Prince Tribute ConcertPlus Chaka Khan, Tori Kelly, and Anita Baker.
  17. music festivals
    The Roots Picnic Is Coming to New York CityOn October 1 and 2.
  18. collaborations
    Sony Music and Above Average Make Digital DealA new friendship!
  19. song references
    Taylor Swift: John Mayer Is ‘Presumptuous’ for Thinking My Song Is About HimBut she didn’t really say that it isn’t.
  20. mysteries
    Wait, Maybe That Taylor Swift Song Isn’t About Jake GyllenhaalThe mystery lives on.
  21. videology
    ‘Pyramids’ Video: Frank Ocean’s NSFW AdventureFeaturing John Mayer!
  22. special guests
    Frank Ocean Is Bringing John Mayer to SNLThe musical guest has a guest.
  23. break-ups
    Katy Perry, John Mayer No Longer Doing That Thing They Were DoingTheir on-the-nose coupling is no more.
  24. john mayer
    Watch the Video for John Mayer’s ‘Queen of California’Anyone else thinking of the A Different World opening credits?
  25. john mayer
    Watch John Mayer’s ‘Queen of California’ Illustrated Through Draw SomethingBetter than an Instagram video. That would’ve been too predictable.
  26. beef
    Taylor Swift and John Mayer Were in the Same Room the Other Night!Drama.
  27. heartbreak
    Turns Out John Mayer Did Not Enjoy the Song Taylor Swift Wrote About Him“It made me feel terrible.”
  28. charts
    ‘Call Me Maybe’ Is Still No. 2, John Mayer Debuts at No. 1You have some work to do, America.
  29. john mayer
    Watch John Mayer Call Himself an ‘Idiot’ on Ellen“Why not be happy after a while?” —John Mayer, Adult.
  30. john mayer
    Watch John Mayer’s New Music Video for ‘Shadow Days’Let’s all take a road trip with John Mayer!
  31. lana del rey
    Hear John Mayer Cover Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’Vocals not necessary.
  32. get well soon
    John Mayer’s Throat Problems Will Keep Him From TouringHe’s sad about it.
  33. john mayer
    Hear a New John Mayer Song in Full, ‘Shadow Days’Classic Mayer! (Also, borrrr-ing!)
  34. guessing
    Let’s Guess Which New John Mayer Song Could Be About Taylor SwiftAlso, John Mayer can sing again.
  35. john mayer
    Hear a Snippet of John Mayer’s New Song, ‘Shadow Days’Your mom’s gonna love this.
  36. tony bennett
    Watch Tony Bennett’s Duet With John MayerWait till your mom sees this.
  37. Keith Urban Needs Throat SurgeryWill still perform at next week’s CMA awards.
  38. beefs
    John Mayer Really Disappointed Steve JobsMayer was “blowing it big-time,” Jobs (randomly) thought.
  39. under the knife
    John Mayer Recovering From Throat SurgeryOn vocal rest for at least a month.
  40. music
    John Mayer’s Schedule Derailed by Throat LesionHe says it’s a “temporary setback.”
  41. vulture lists
    10 Possible Charlie Sheen Replacements Who Might Get Us to Watch Two and a Half MenMolly Ringwald. You’re so there.
  42. grammy awards 2011
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Grammy Awards
  43. love
    Taylor Swift Wrote a Song About John Mayer“Dear John/I see it all now that you’re gone/Don’t you think I was too young/To be messed with.”
  44. quote machine
    Tina Fey to Sleep Through Tonight’s 30 RockPlus: Chilean miners’ rescue calls for #fistpumps.
  45. quote machine
    Josh Duhamel Would Rather Be Kissing Josh KelleyPlus: Zack Snyder feels super awesome.
  46. twitter
    John Mayer Says Good-bye to TwitterReturn to studio results in departure from the Twittersphere.
  47. quote machine
    LCD Soundsystem to Just Make Unprofessional Albums From Now OnPlus: John Mayer might have said a smart thing.
  48. john mayer
    Watch John Mayer Parody LeBron James“I’m loyal and I would never betray you, America.”
  49. hova
    What’s John Mayer Doing in This Jay-Z Doc?Plus other notable incidents, in this new short Jay-Z doc.
  50. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From John Mayer to Surfer BloodPlus: Sweet Bulbs, Twin Shadow,Teengirl Fantasy, Franz Nicolay, Future Rock, John Mayer, Wild Beasts, Joseph Arthur, and Turbo Fruits.
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