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  1. humor writing
    Reclusive Former Simpsons Writer John Swartzwelder Emerges With Writing Advice“It’s like a crappy little elf has snuck into my office and badly done all my work for me, and then left with a tip of his crappy hat.”
  2. twitter
    Why You Should Follow Reclusive Comedy Genius John Swartzwelder on TwitterOne of the most brilliant Simpsons writers somehow only has 7,000 followers on Twitter.
  3. John Swartzwelder’s Failed 1996 Pilot ‘Pistol Pete’ Is Now OnlineAfter years of being nothing more than a “near-mythical pilot” from the great Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder, the 1996 pilot episode of his […]
  4. Unearthing John Swartzwelder’s 1996 Unsold Western PilotAntenna Free TV has a piece today on a near-mythical pilot from 1996 called Pistol Pete, written by the also near-mythical Simpsons scribe John […]
  5. The Novels of John Swartzwelder, the Most Prolific Simpsons Writer EverJohn Swartzwelder is the J. D. Salinger of comedy writing. The prolific Simpsons writer (he’s written 59 episodes of The Simpsons, far more […]
  6. Former Simpsons Writer John Swartzwelder’s Self-Published Comedic NovelsDid you know that John Swartzwelder, the longtime Simpsons writer responsible for such episodes as “Homer at the Bat,” “Krusty Gets Kancelled,” […]