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  1. Johnny Knoxville on His New Movie and Whether He’s Done His Last Stunt“I love what I do, but at some point I’m not gonna be able to do it anymore,” he says. “When that time comes I want it to be my choice.”
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    Johnny Knoxville Popped Out His Eye Working on Action PointBut it’s fine, he has two of them.
  3. Check Out the Trailer for Johnny Knoxville’s Comedy ‘Action Point’Last year it was reported that Johnny Knoxville had signed on to produce and star in a comedy inspired by New Jersey’s infamous amusement […]
  4. Johnny Knoxville to Produce and Star in ‘Action Park’ ComedyJohnny Knoxville is headed to the big screen with a new movie. According to Deadline, Knoxville’s Dickhouse Productions has a new comedy in the […]
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    Renée Zellweger Signs On for Directorial DebutShe’ll co-star, too, opposite Johnny Knoxville.
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    The Last Stand Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mounts His Own ComebackAs a border sheriff.
  7. The Three Stooges Movie’s Long Journey to the ScreenThis weekend finally sees the release of the Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges movie. I say “finally” not because I’m particularly looking […]
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    Johnny Knoxville on His SXSW Boy Scout Comedy, the Future of Jackass, and Going to Hell“I was raised Southern Baptist, so I don’t know how mom’s gonna feel about seeing me on a cross.”
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    John Cusack, Johnny Knoxville Head to BrazilCusack will play a sports agent, and Knoxville will play his bestie.
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    Watch Britney Spears Enjoy the Jackass Poo Cocktail Supreme
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    Johnny Knoxville Has Been Offered The Three StoogesHe hasn’t said yes yet.
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    Watch the Stars of Jackass Reenact The Social NetworkIncluding the most unlikely Winklevoss twins ever: Wee Man and Preston Lacy.
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    Jackass 3D Follow-up Will Get Online ReleaseAnd then it will eventually be compiled into a feature-length film.
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    Last Night on Late Night: Heidi Klum’s Most Opinionated Project Runway MomentsPlus, Chelsea Handler tells country star Blake Shelton that his greatest-hits album is just lazy, on our regular late-night roundup.
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    Last Night on Late Night: Johnny Knoxville Won’t Call Chelsea Handler ‘Ma’am’ Ever AgainPlus, Teri Hatcher’s breasts are Method actors, on our regular late-night roundup.
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    Movie Review: Why Jackass 3D Makes Me Laugh Like a HyenaThere’s something decadent about privileged white Americans hurting themselves for laughs and extreme profit.
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    The Situation Is Enough of a Jackass to Be Played by Will ArnettPlus: Don’t let John Malkovich near horses.
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    Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze Guard Their Groins at the Jackass 3-D PremierePlus: Darren Aronofsky liked the movie!
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    Last Night on Late Night: Carrie Ann Inaba Agrees, Dancing With the Stars Is Like a BrothelPlus, Johnny Knoxville admits that he is a douche, on our regular late-night roundup.
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    Naomi Nelson Makes an Honest Man of Johnny KnoxvilleThe ‘Jackass’ star is a married father now.
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    Black Swan Will Scare the Ellipsis Out of YouPlus: Emma Stone thrilled to overpay for salad.
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    Jackass 3-D Trailer: Hooray for Unsubtle 3-DIt was filmed mostly in real 3-D and promises the shameless, copious use of flying projectiles.
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    Johnny Knoxville on Jackass 3-D And Getting Back to ActingThe actor-producer-stuntman talks about getting back to Hollywood, working behind the camera, and doing stunts in 3-D.
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    Jackass 3D Sure to be Most Disgusting Movie EverThe future of cinema is now.
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    Daniel Craig’s New House Ruined by GhostsPlus: Martin Lawrence is taking over your television.
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    ‘Glory Days’ Has Its Glory DayPlus: John Waters calls Johnny Knoxville a ‘Fruitcake.’