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  1. The Best Joke From Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix SpecialNo one writes jokes like Jerry Seinfeld. Here he is at his best.
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    Why Louis C.K.’s Trans Joke Is Better Than Dave Chappelle’sBoth comedians address the touchy subject in their new specials.
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    Neal Brennan Explains How He Pitches Black Comedians Jokes With the N-WordThe comedian takes us inside his process in this transcript of Vulture’s comedy podcast, Good One.
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    Ghostbusters Is Helped by a YouTube-Comment JokeIt serves as a pressure-release valve for audiences.
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    How Bo Burnham Is Deconstructing the Idea of ‘Truth in Comedy’In his new special, Make Happy, Bo Burnham takes on Big Honesty.
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    How to Open Your Stand-up Special When You Have Terminal CancerThanks to Ellen and a $50,000 Kickstarter, Quincy Jones got to achieve his dream of taping a stand-up special.
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    Appreciating Ali Wong’s Powerful Pregnancy Joke in Baby CobraFor decades, a disproportionate number of male comics have been getting rich on being-a-parent jokes.