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  1. Delocated Recap: ‘Camping Trip’Other than the occasional murder, this season of Delocated has been relatively PG thus far. Previous episodes about potato skins bars and […]
  2. chris gethard
    Watch a Comedy Clusterf*ck on The Chris Gethard ShowEveryone was on Chris Gethard’s show. Everyone.
  3. Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, & Jon Glaser Check in on a Very Special Chris […] As regular fans of The Chris Gethard Show know, “Checking in With Alyssa” features call-ins from 16-year-old Alyssa. On this week’s episode, […]
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    Men Are Now Terrified of Sleeping With Michelle DockeryPlus: Denzel Washington dazzled the senses out of Octavia Spencer in one of those adorable high-school-crush moments, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  5. How Jon Glaser’s Hair Was Tortured Into Submission for His Second […] Jon Glaser stopped by Late Night Tuesday to ride the wave of Giants mania all the way to the crowd’s sweet, sweet approval. Along the way, he […]
  6. This Jon Glaser Interview Is Physically Painful But Not for the Reason You […] It begins as just another interview with Jon Glaser of Delocated, who drinks some beers with paper wings and talks about the benefits of […]
  7. Delocated Recap: ‘Lipples’ It’s fitting that Delocated has a new opening for Season 3. The opening, which features “Jon” cruising in a cigarette boat scarfing a hoagie […]
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    Watch Delocated’s Jon Glaser and Janeane Garofalo Talk Dad Jeans, Method Acting, and Their Characters’ Possible Love Sex Connection Will we see Garofalo in a balaclava soon?
  9. Talking to Jon Glaser About Season 3 of DelocatedIt’s hard to find someone who’s seen Delocated who doesn’t think it’s hilarious. Oddly enough, Adult Swim’s show about a Russian mob target in […]
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    Watch the Intro for the Third Season of DelocatedJon is back, and the mask is still on!
  11. Delocated’s Third Season Begins in a Power Boat With a Sandwich The opening sequence of Delocated’s third season has pretty much everything a cool dad in the Witness Protection Program could want: a power […]
  12. Let’s All Start Wearing Ski Masks During Delocated’s Third Season I was gonna post this promo for season 2 of Delocated, premiering Feb. 2, but then I started thinking about how great it would be to walk […]
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    Learn How to Get ‘’Cadoed’ (or How to Do It to Others!)Stop whatever you’re doing, especially if you’re Tebowing. NEW PRANK ON DECK!
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    Janeane Garofalo Heading to Adult SwimShe’s joining the cast of ‘Delocated.’
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    Check Out Auto Buds, a New Tumblr by Delocated’s Jon GlaserAuto Buds, they’re all around you!
  16. Delocated Officially Picked Up for Season 3After announcing it and then removing the announcement, Jon Glaser officially confirmed that Delocated is coming back to Adult Swim for a third […]
  17. Talking Delocated, ZZ Top and Conan with Jon GlaserIf I were as clever as Jon Glaser, I’d take my premise of him being the unsung hero of absurd comedy and come up with parody song about it set […]
  18. The Forgotten Legacy of The Jenny McCarthy ShowWe didn’t know it at the time, but the 90s have turned out to be a critical formative era for many of today’s most popular comedians. The […]
  19. Badass: Delocated Picked Up For a Third Season .bbpBox23508443788742656 {background:url(http://a0.twimg.com/profile_background_images/159390866/yourhighnesscover.jpg) #9AE4E8;padding:20px;} […]
  20. Let Jon Glaser Show You the Perils of Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree Over at Vulture, they got Delocated’s Jon Glaser to show them the best way to cut down your own Christmas tree. The slideshow starts off […]
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    Learn How to Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree With Delocated’s Jon Glaser!Just follow the steps in his helpful photo essay, but heed his warnings.
  22. Comedy’s 17 Favorite ComediansWho are the best working comedians today? Who’s creating the best material, influencing the most people and is the flat-out funniest? You could […]
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    Delocated’s Jon Glaser Demonstrates How to Stay Cool With a Ski Mask on Your Face“Chip chop, beat the heat.”
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    A Benefit for Stephen Baldwin, But Not That Stephen BaldwinA Stephen Baldwin who rescues parrots, in Brooklyn.