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Jon Snow

  1. game of thrones season 5
    Who’s Most Likely to Die on Game of Thrones This Year?Valar morghulis.
  2. last night on late night
    Jon Snow Is the Most Depressing Dinner-Party Guest“We met at Crossfit.”
  3. magazine covers
    Arya Got a Makeover on EW’s New Game of Thrones CoversAnd Tyrion has a beard!
  4. trailer mix
    Jon Snow Got a Haircut for WWI Film Testament of YouthHe still kind of looks mopey though.
  5. explainers
    Does This Tell Us Who Jon Snow’s Mother Is?The most prevalent theory explained.
  6. party chat
    Kit Harington Knows Nothing About Jon Snow’s Parents“I genuinely don’t want to know, whoever it is.”
  7. party chat
    Game of Thrones: Kit Harington Is Really Bummed About Ygritte TooAnd yes, he knows what you think about that mopey face.
  8. ass doubles
    No, That Was Not Jon Snow’s Ass on Game of ThronesYou know nothing, Jon Snow fans.
  9. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington on Jon Snow’s Wet-and-Wild MomentIt was about time, no?
  10. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington on His Jon Snow Theories, Favorite Fan Site, and Season-Two Sex“We go even further in our explicitness, because sex is being used as a weapon. It’s such an important part of the series.”