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Jonathan Banks

  1. tv review
    Better Call Saul Ends a Bleak, Beautiful SeasonSaul caps off its best season yet with a bruisingly sad finale.
  2. Jonathan Banks and Rhea Seehorn Have Weird FansApparently lawyers really love Better Call Saul.
  3. casting couch
    Parks and Rec Casts Breaking Bad’s MikeAs Adam Scott’s dad.
  4. jonathan banks
    Watch the First Film Role of Jonathan BanksLadies and gentlemen, Menstruation.
  5. chat room
    Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks on the Thing That Happened Sunday Night“You’re talking to a journeyman character actor who knows that sometimes it’s good. And sometimes it’s really hard.”
  6. inquiring minds
    Ask Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks AnythingVulture is interviewing him tomorrow morning.
  7. supercut
    Video: The Wit and Wisdom of Breaking Bad’s MikeHe might threaten to break your legs, but at least he’ll have a good explanation as to why.
  8. backstories
    How Breaking Bad’s Mike Broke BadActor Jonathan Banks explains his character’s backstory.
  9. chat room
    Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks on Bryan Cranston’s Work Ethic, Playing the Villain, and Not Getting Mistaken for a Bank Teller“I think for the most part, people don’t go, ‘Where do I know him from? Does he work at the bank?’”