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  1. for your consideration
    Meanwhile, The Good Fight Put Twerking Roy Cohn in Its Schoolhouse Rock CartoonsFrom Russian trolls to Nazi frogs, The Good Fight is tackling politics with goofy musical interludes.
  2. previously on
    Behind BrainDead’s Very Unusual ‘Previously On’ Segments“It’s strange to take something that has such a utilitarian purpose and make it entertainment.”
  3. my thoughts exactly
    Jonathan Coulton on Seeing His Glee Flap Play out on The Good WifeThe musician describes the surreal experience of watching himself being played by Matthew Lillard.
  4. overnights
    The Good Wife Recap: A Gleeful ParodyAlicia takes on a Glee-like TV show who ripped off her Jonathan Coulton–esque musician clients and “legal jazz” ensues.
  5. about last night…
    Watch The Good Wife’s Silly Music VideoEverybody dance now.
  6. Jonathan Coulton Is Taking Revenge on ‘Glee’ by Beating Them on the Charts After the show Glee ripped off the arrangement and melody for Jonathan Coulton’s cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and refused to […]
  7. Fox Doesn’t Care that ‘Glee’ Ripped Off Jonathan Coulton’s Cover Song Last week, a new song from the TV show Glee was released online, an acoustic cover version of Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” that used the […]
  8. Did ‘Glee’ Plagiarize Jonathan Coulton’s Cover of ‘Baby Got Back?’ Here’s a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” from the Fox show Glee, set to air on next week’s episode. Jonathan Coulton recorded a […]
  9. John Hodgman the Deranged Millionaire Celebrates His Upcoming Book Hey, I have a ferret skeleton room too! Granted it also doubles as my bedroom, but you wouldn’t be wrong if you called it that either! John […]
  10. music
    Hear a Children’s Choir Sing ‘Still Alive’ From the Video Game PortalIt’s lovely.