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Jonathan Horowitz

  1. Staring at Trump’s Body, What Do You See?Artist Jonathan Horowitz takes us on a journey into the metaphysics of the president’s great, somewhat mysterious, half-beast behemoth bulk.
  2. Jonathan Horowitz’s Transporting 700 DotsThe noise in the room subsided; my mind switched into another consciousness. That was only the beginning.
  3. news reel
    At P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Things Get PoliticalNow that Bush has left office, is political art becoming more accessible?
  4. art candy
    Artist Jonathan Horowitz Is Just As Excited As You AreHorowitz has cobbled together a very appropriate wall decoration for Obama’s new office.
  5. art candy
    Artist Jonathan Horowitz Does Some Last-Minute ElectioneeringFor those still undecided, Jonathan Horowitz has some voting advice.