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  1. casting couch
    John Stamos, Jorge Garcia Join Drama PilotsAt NBC and CBS.
  2. casting couch
    Lost’s Jorge Garcia Books Once Upon a TimeHe’s playing a giant.
  3. chat room
    Jorge Garcia on Alcatraz, Hurley Comparisons, and His ‘Expert’ Look“If you see a guy like me sitting at a computer, you know he’s a really good hacker.”
  4. alcatraz
    Jorge Garcia to Star in J.J. Abrams Pilot AlcatrazAnother mysterious island, another geeky character.
  5. jorge garcia
    Hurley Books His Return to TVOpposite Chandler Bing!
  6. lost
    Weezer’s Jorge Garcia TributeLike, as in a picture of Jorge Garcia on the cover.
  7. lost
    Lost DVD Apparently to Answer More Questions Than Actual Show DidFood drops and Walt’s powers will be explained.
  8. chat room
    Lost’s Jorge Garcia on the Finale, the Numbers, and Taking Advice From the Dead“This is the start of the house cleaning … They can pretty much start picking us off as we approach the end.”
  9. tv
    Take a Hurley-Guided Tour of the Lost SetBoone Hill!
  10. lost
    Ask Hurley AnythingGot a question for a dead relative, or need a tip on some lottery numbers?
  11. chat room
    Lost’s Jorge Garcia on Playing Happy Hurley“Hurley definitely steps up a lot this season, for sure — more than ever before.”
  12. chat room
    Jorge Garcia on Why Lost’s Hurley Might Not Be So Crazy After All“I don’t think the ghosts are solely coming from his brain.”
  13. quote machine
    Raekwon Is the Type of Dude Who May Be in a Helicopter Over the City Having SexPlus: Feist!