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  1. comedy
    The Lonely Island’s Big, Wonderfully Stupid, First Concert EverAt Clusterfest, the Lonely Island ran through all their biggest songs for a hilarious, super fun evening.
  2. Andy Samberg Explains How SNL Made Natalie Portman’s Rap Sequel in Three Days“We thought it would be fun for her to come with some more Cardi B, Drake, Migos, Nicki-style flow, or our terrible approximation of that.”
  3. good one podcast
    The Story Behind the Funniest Sex Scene EverWith MacGruber, Will Forte raised the bar on how funny a sex scene can be.
  4. good ideas
    Jorma Taccone Explains His Idea for a Spicer-Scaramucci Buddy Sitcom“They have to play themselves. They could easily do it.”
  5. The Lonely Island and Scott Aukerman Present a February Treat: ‘Michael […]Sure, we’re living in dark times, but thanks to a very unique Netflix special premiering today, there’s now a way to turn what once seemed like […]
  6. Jorma Taccone Confirms ‘MacGruber 2’ Is in the WorksIt’s been over six years since MacGruber premiered in theaters, and today, director and co-writer Jorma Taccone confirmed some wonderful news: […]
  7. The Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone: Auteurs of the Cult […]If The Lonely Island were N’Sync, Andy Samberg would be the collaborator Justin Timberlake of the group: the handsome, charismatic frontman who […]
  8. jokes
    The Story Behind Popstar’s Outrageous Penis Scene“We were like, ‘I’ve never seen a flaccid dick pressed on glass before. What does that look like?’” 
  9. movie review
    Review: Stop Popstar: Never Stop Never StoppingApparently there are people who think that Popstar is a witty satire of pop celebrity instead of a soulless hodgepodge of star cameos and gags that go nowhere.
  10. The Lonely Island’s ‘Popstar’ Is a Hilariously Meta Take on Modern Fame Watching the first few minutes of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, you can’t help but be reminded of two things: the trailer for Justin […]
  11. Inside ‘Popstar,’ The Lonely Island’s Meta Music Industry Mockumentary When the world got its first real taste of Popstar during the Saturday Night Live season 41 finale, the digital short “Finest Girl (Bin Laden […]
  12. dick in a box?
    The Lonely Island Changed the Internet, ComedyAnd why Popstar is their masterpiece.
  13. Check Out The Lonely Island’s New Singles ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘I’m So Humble’The Lonely Island guys hit the big screen on June 3rd with their movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, but thankfully they just made the […]
  14. The Lonely Island Performed a Musical Tribute to Will Smith at the MTV […]Between producing their Fox sketch comedy show and upcoming movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, the Lonely Island guys have been keeping […]
  15. Here’s the First Trailer for The Lonely Island’s Movie ‘Popstar: Never […]At long last, the first trailer dropped today for The Lonely Island’s movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and in addition to Andy […]
  16. Andy Samberg Reveals the Title and Poster of The Lonely Island Movie on […]The Lonely Island guys have been hard at work with Judd Apatow on their upcoming movie, and during his visit to last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, […]
  17. Here’s the Full Cast and Writing Staff of Fox’s New Sketch Show ‘Party […]Yesterday, Fox ordered a brand new, half-hour sketch show from The Lonely Island guys and Paul Scheer called Party Over Here, and while the […]
  18. Fox Orders a Saturday Night Sketch Show from The Lonely Island and Paul […]Fox wants its very own Saturday Night Live, and they’ve teamed up with some alums from the NBC show to make it happen. According to The […]
  19. the industry
    Fox Just Gave the Lonely Island Their Own SNLIt’s called Party Over Here.
  20. A Video Guide to The Lonely Island’s Pre-’SNL’ YearsTo someone who wasn’t paying attention to web comedy in the early 2000s (and before YouTube and Funny or Die, who could blame you?), it may […]
  21. chat room
    Jorma Taccone on Girls and Facing Brian Williams“Oh nooo! Oh no, Brian’s gonna kill me!”
  22. the lonely island
    See the Lonely Island Goof Around Backstage at Their GQ ShootHappy holidays from the boys!
  23. clickables
    Check Out Maya Rudolph and Jorma Taccone’s Steamy Music VideoWith a special guest appearance by Jorma Taccone’s ponytail.
  24. clickables
    Watch the Lonely Island’s New Video With Kenyan Rapper RabbitWould you like to see the slides from Jorma Taccone’s trip to Kenya?
  25. clickables
    Watch Jorma Taccone Dance Around Naked to ‘Born This Way’If you want.
  26. chat room
    The Lonely Island on Their New Album and Michael Bolton’s ‘Adonis’ PhysiqueAndy Samberg: “We should be so lucky to be half the man.”
  27. New Lonely Island Album Coming in 2011Looks like the guys from The Lonely Island have been working on some new songs, as their second album is set to come out sometime next year. […]
  28. adaptations
    You Can Thank Pepsi for the MacGruber MovieOr, specifically, PepSuber.
  29. the industry
    MacGruber Will Save Us AllPlus: Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey are the power team.
  30. auto-tune
    The Lonely Island and The Roots Reprise ‘I’m on a Boat’ for Jimmy FallonIs there anything these guys can’t do?
  31. trailer mix
    Extended Land of the Lost Trailer Is Somewhat ConcerningThis one smells vaguely bomblike.