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Joseph Fiennes

  1. sexy shakespeare
    Who Is the Sexiest Shakespeare? An InvestigationIs Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love the hottest Bard?
  2. chat room
    Joseph Fiennes on The Handmaid’s Tale and Those Scrabble Scenes“He’s like a cat with a ball of wool.”
  3. but is it feminist?
    The Handmaid’s Tale Cast Answers the Question: Is It Feminist?“It’s a feminist piece, and I think the F word is a really important one.”
  4. A Part of Joseph Fiennes Still Wishes You Could See Him As Michael Jackson“There’s a part of me that would love people to see it and get into a discussion.”
  5. cancellation
    Joseph Fiennes-As-Michael Jackson Episode PulledThe episode was set to air January 19.
  6. trailer mix
    Gaze Upon Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson in the Urban Myths Trailer Also starring Iwan Rheon as … Adolf Hitler?
  7. casting couch
    Joseph Fiennes Joins Hulu’s Handmaid’s TaleHe’ll be the Fred to Elisabeth Moss’s Offred.
  8. movie reviews
    Risen Takes a Novel But Grim Approach to the Familiar Crucifixion TaleRisen plays out like a no-nonsense procedural.
  9. whitewashing
    Joseph Fiennes Says Playing Michael Jackson Won’t ‘Promote Stereotyping’“I went with the mind that this was a positive, lighthearted comedy.”
  10. casting couch
    Joseph Fiennes Responds to Playing Michael Jackson in Road-Trip ComedyLicense-plate game, anyone?
  11. the industry
    Joseph Fiennes to Play Michael Jackson — Wait, What?In a British TV movie about a post-9/11 celebrity road trip.
  12. casting couch
    Joseph Fiennes in Talks for American Horror StoryHe’s in talks.
  13. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jeremy Renner, Snow WhitePlus: Neal McDonough to play “Dum Dum” in ‘Captain America.’
  14. vulture lists
    TV Report Card: British Actors Playing AmericanA British invasion has finally arrived. Who’s stumbling on those long ‘a”s and soft ‘t”s?
  15. the industry
    Matthew Goode to Date the Boss’s DaughterPlus: Ryan Seacrest has a confession to make.
  16. the industry
    Anna Faris Gets Two More Chances to Outshine Her MaterialPlus: Amy Adams dies and goes to Heaven, sort of.
  17. the industry
    So Harvey Seh: Weinstein Company Options Bob Marley BiopicPlus: The Rutles reunite!