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Josh Horowitz

  1. Watch Emma Stone Play Think FastEmma Stone to you: “That’s what makes you beautiful.”
  2. hugh jackman
    Hugh Jackman Wants to Play Josh Horowitz, the Guy From MTV.comIt’s the story of “a despicable, horrible, downright loser.”
  3. the hobbit
    The Hobbit Cast Plays F*ck/Marry/Kill“Killing” it, McKellan.
  4. gael garcia bernal
    Watch Gael García Bernal Undergo a ‘Twittervention’It’s all about the kittens, GGB.
  5. daniel radcliffe
    See Daniel Radcliffe Quizzed on American CultureDaniel Radcliffe remains adorably un-American, but that’s how we like him.
  6. clickables
    Play the ‘End of Days’ Game With Matt Damon and Marion CotillardJosh Horowitz, as always, asks the tough questions.
  7. clickables
    Watch James Franco and Danny McBride Haze an MTV ReporterFranco’s still in Oscar Mode.
  8. clickables
    Hear Russell Brand Explain the Miracle of Life to MTV Reporter Josh HorowitzHe also licks poor Josh’s face.
  9. movies
    Steve Carell Gives Interview Sitting in Reporter’s LapMTV’s Josh Horowitz shares a touch.
  10. movies
    John C. Reilly Conducts Interview Cradling Male Interviewer in His LapMTV’s Josh Horowitz and the ‘Cyrus’ star shared an intimate moment.