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Josh Trank

  1. tranks for nothing
    Josh Trank Doesn’t Deserve to Be a Catchall for Failed Young DirectorsThe Fantastic Four helmer was burned anew.
  2. deleted scenes
    The Thing Could Have Had a Lot More Clobberin’ Time in Fantasic FourThat time-jump wasn’t supposed to be choppy.
  3. flops
    Even More Fantastic Four Drama LeaksWe need a Fox hack.
  4. flops
    Here’s All the Juicy Post-Flop Fantastic Four Gossip for YouWhen a film this big goes this wrong, everyone has an ax to grind.
  5. timelines
    A Timeline of Fantastic Four’s Terrible BuzzFans have looked forward to hating for it months.
  6. for the record
    Josh Trank Explains Why He Left Star WarsBye-bye, rumors?
  7. uh-oh
    Josh Trank Leaves Star Wars FilmThe force is with Trank, but he’s not a Jedi yet.
  8. we're excited 4 it
    The Fantastic Four Movie Seems Really Good All of a SuddenWe finally know some details.
  9. coming attractions
    Josh Trank Will Direct One of the Stand-alone Star Wars MoviesHis previous work includes 2012’s Chronicle.
  10. superheroes
    New Fantastic Four Movie Finds Its DirectorYay, a superhero movie!
  11. casting couch
    Shadow of the Colossus Lands Chronicle Director Josh TrankAn adaptation of the artsy 2005 video game.
  12. comic-book movies
    Chronicle Director May Make Venom MovieIt’s a Spider-Man spinoff.