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  1. timelines
    Recapping the Mystery of Ruth Wilson’s The Affair DepartureHer character was unexpectedly killed off and she can’t discuss what happened. Why?
  2. tv review
    The Affair Is Ridiculous But I Still Can’t Quit ItThe fourth season took a ton of absurd, soapy turns. But trying to divorce it was impossible.
  3. series finales
    The End of The Affair Will Come After Season 5It’s a planned conclusion, not a cancellation.
  4. love is dead
    We Are Bummed to Report That Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Have Split UpThey have decided to remain friends, according to a rep.
  5. cannes 2012
    How to Behave at Cannes’s Elite Yacht Parties (If You Get In)We weren’t invited. You probably won’t be invited. But if you are, guard your shoes carefully.
  6. cannes 2012
    How Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Do Cannes“I’m often the boyfriend of fashion, and here I’m the boyfriend of cinema.”
  7. tv
    Joshua Jackson Explains Pacey-ConWhat did you wear to Pacey-Con?
  8. pacey-con
    Joshua Jackson Holds ‘Pacey-Con’An alternative to that other convention that took place this weekend.
  9. the industry
    Joshua Jackson to Protect Earth from Organ-Harvesting AliensPlus: Chris Weitz! Werewolves! Cooking!
  10. quote machine
    John Krasinski Spills the Details About Away We Go’s Sex ScenePlus: Is Judy Blume a nymphomaniac?
  11. everyone's a critic
    Film Critics Face Brand-new ThreatZOMG LOL ROFL!
  12. quote machine
    Makeup Artist Rick Baker Challenged to Make Benicio Del Toro Look Any More Like a WolfPlus: Quotes from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koening on comparisons to Paul Simon, and Joshua Jackson on why his career is failing!
  13. overnights
    ‘Weeds’: The Satire’s BizzackWe’re not out of daytime-soap-land, but that cheeky Weeds satire has finally caught up with this season’s meanderings.