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  1. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Sports Night, RankedAaron Sorkin’s first TV show turns 20.
  2. party chat
    Pour One Out for Joshua Malina, Who Had to Film His Scandal Death Scene 17 Times“I famously was always concerned about dying.”
  3. last night on late night
    Scandal Cast Gets Revenge on Joshua Malina by Making Him Think He Killed a WomanRevenge is best served cold. And with fake heart attacks.
  4. No, Scandal’s Joshua Malina Will Not Help You Win Back Your Ex-GirlfriendHe doesn’t care how big a fan you are of the West Wing. Stop texting him.
  5. podcasts
    Behind the West Wing PodcastAnd getting Aaron Sorkin and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the show.
  6. podcasts
    Joshua Malina’s West Wing Podcast Is HereIt’s called The West Wing Weekly.
  7. code gouda
    White House Adopts West Wing’s Big Block of Cheese DayTo be held Wednesday, January 29.
  8. chat room
    Scandal’s Bellamy Young on Tonight’s Finale“I can tell you that your mind will be blown and that there are, like, five stroke-inducing events.”
  9. chat room
    Scandal’s Joshua Malina on His Best Set Pranks“Things are too quiet. What can I do?”
  10. Joshua Malina, Michael Ian Black, and Michael Panes Hit The Road in […] Backwash is a new web series written and produced by Joshua Malina, of Sports Night and The West Wing fame, and directed by Harold & Kumar Go […]