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  1. profiles in avenging
    How Avengers: Age of Ultron Nearly Killed Joss WhedonThe Avengers mastermind talks to Vulture and says some very revealing things.
  2. sexism
    Joss Whedon Thinks Jurassic World Looks Pretty ‘’70s-Era Sexist’He has a point. 
  3. surprise!
    You Won’t Have to Watch All the Avengers Credits“There is nothing at the very end.”
  4. marvel cinematic universe
    Whedon on Directing Avengers 3: ‘Very Doubtful’“It’s enormously hard.”
  5. party chat
    Joss Whedon on Feminism, Avengers Leaks, and Marvel’s Big Slate“Should Idris Elba receive an email from me, there might be an attitude of scold.”
  6. plot summary
    Avengers: Age of Ultron’s Full Synopsis Reveals All You Need to KnowDamn your hubris, Tony Stark.
  7. trailer mix
    Watch a Trailer for the Joss Whedon–Written In Your EyesIt’s available for download now.
  8. tribeca film festival 2014
    How Whedon-esque Is Joss Whedon’s New Film, In Your Eyes?We asked the cast.
  9. movies
    Rent Joss Whedon’s New Film Right Now Via VODA 72-hour rental of In Your Eyes is available for $5.
  10. party chat
    Patton Oswalt Walks Us Through His Crushes From the Whedonverse“With Angel, it is the actress who ended up being on Law & Order. She was blonde …”
  11. whedonesque
    Joss Whedon: No to More Buffy, No to Star Wars“It’s not a question I’m interested in hearing again.”
  12. whedonesque
    Five Things Joss Whedon Said About Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.“There is an element of absurdity in the Marvel universe that’s … satirical and bizarre.”
  13. everything we know
    The Avengers: Age of Ultron: What We Know (and What We Think We Know)All of the confirmed details, and some of the smartest speculation.
  14. moviemaking
    Firefly, Snap Zooms, and Joss Whedon’s Influence on Man of SteelZoom in fast! You know the move.
  15. chat room
    Amy Acker on Much Ado About Nothing and Joss Whedon’s Dance Parties“In order to be in the Joss universe, you have to dance.”
  16. party chat
    Samuel L. Jackson Would Like to Guest on S.H.I.E.L.D.“I told Joss that.”
  17. shameless plugs
    Watch David Edelstein Interview Joss Whedon“You can’t get away from the influence of the greatest writer in your language.”
  18. the vulture transcript
    Joss Whedon on Much Ado and Avengers 2“It was necessary to build this team, but what happens to them and to the world when they actually exist as a team?”
  19. movie review
    Movie Review: Whedon’s Much Ado About NothingNathan Fillion, Amy Acker, and a bevy of Whedon regulars star in this California-set update.
  20. spilled beans
    Are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2?Joss Whedon: “I’ve got two of my favorite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister act.”
  21. pilots 2013
    Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot Has a New Name and a Plot SynopsisAgent Phil Coulson’s Fun Adventures. (No, not really.)
  22. hold out hope
    Don’t Expect to See a Firefly Kickstarter Anytime SoonWhedon says he’s too busy.
  23. Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Makes Shakespeare Cool Again Here’s the trailer for Much Ado About Nothing, director Joss Whedon’s adapatation of the Shakespeare comedy of the same name that he shot in […]
  24. trailer mix
    Much Ado About Nothing Trailer: Joss Whedon’s Merry WarShakespeare!
  25. zomney
    Joss Whedon Certain Mitt Romney Will Herald the Zombie ApocalypseSo he filmed a PSA about it.
  26. most devoted fans
    Get a Badge for All 25 of Vulture’s Most Devoted Fan BasesGet icons for all 25 movies, TV shows, bands, and people from our Most Devoted Fans list for your desktop pattern or Facebook and Twitter profile.
  27. toronto 2012
    Toronto: When Joss Whedon Played Hamlet“One of the greatest experiences of my life.”
  28. toronto 2012
    Fillion Tried to ‘Chicken Out’ of Much AdoWe cornered him at a Toronto Film Festival party and he told us things.
  29. distro
    Lionsgate Will Distribute Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About NothingForsooth.
  30. chat room
    Joss Whedon on How Much Ado About Nothing Made Him a Better Filmmaker“On the first day of filming … I smiled so hard that my face broke.”
  31. interviews
    Joss Whedon Talks All Things Marvel With Vulture“It’s a tapas menu of projects that excite me.”
  32. pick up lines
    ABC Picks Up Joss Whedon’s Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. PilotHe’s co-writing and possibly directing.
  33. ‘Sleepwalk With Me’ Killed It this WeekendSleepwalk With Me ran awake this weekend. On just one screen it earned $65,000. This had a lot to do with Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia vowing […]
  34. sleepwalk with me
    Watch Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass Answer Joss WhedonSleepwalk with this!
  35. joss whedon
    Watch Joss Whedon Boycott Sleepwalk With MeSave The Avengers!
  36. franchises
    Joss Whedon Will Return for the Avengers SequelHe’s signed to write and direct.
  37. much ado about nothing
    See New Photos From Much Ado About NothingAlways wear suspenders, Nathan Fillion!
  38. written by a kid
    Watch Written by a KidJust a reminder: Kids write great stories.
  39. A Look Back At Joss Whedon’s ‘Roseanne’ EpisodesBefore Joss Whedon convinced an absurdly large number of normal world citizens to see a movie about Norse gods, frozen past-men, and Robert […]
  40. joss whedon
    Watch Joss Whedon SingIf Buffy, alone, didn’t floor you …
  41. cash money
    Joss Whedon Feeling Pretty Good About This Whole Avengers ThingHe’s still dedicated to his Dr. Horrible sequel.
  42. your box office explained
    The Avengers Shatters the Opening Weekend RecordThe Marvel superhero team-up earned just over $200 million.
  43. tag teams
    A Short History of Comic Book Superteams and How We Got The AvengersIn the forties, Marvel and DC’s superteams met to discuss crime fighting. Today they synchro-smash on the big screen.
  44. Joss Whedon is a Pooping Expert or a BirdSadly, BriTANick’s new video “The Coach” isn’t a remake of the Craig T. Nelson tour de force, Coach. Not sadly, it stars Joss Whedon as a bird. […]
  45. Joss Whedon Wrote a Super Funny Sketch with a Message“Daphne Zuniga: What equality means to me is that women are given their moment, their chance to stand alone before everyone, with dignity, and […]
  46. party chat
    Read a Hilarious Skit Joss Whedon Wrote About Sexism and Evil RobotsEvil robots make everything funnier.
  47. monday morning movie club
    Why Wasn’t Cabin in the Woods Scary?And several other burning questions.
  48. chat room
    Joss Whedon on Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, and Nude Blondes“The thing is, once you call yourself a feminist, it can be damaging to only look through that prism.”
  49. deleted scenes
    What Important Captain America Scene Was Cut From The Avengers?It might have made you cry.
  50. short gals throwing punches
    Joss Whedon Thoroughly Handicaps a Fight Between Buffy and Black Widow“She whips out her glock and now Buffy’s dodging.”
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