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  1. tribeca film festival
    David O. Russell Made Jennifer Lawrence Cry by Spoiling Anna KareninaSeven things we learned about the pair’s friendship and collaborations on Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy.
  2. Grab Your Mops, Joy Mangano’s Life Is Getting the Broadway TreatmentThis sounds familiar.
  3. joy
    Ironically, Netflix Is Adding a Marie Kondo SeriesDeclutter your Netflix queue by watching only Marie Kondo.
  4. the month in movies
    December in Movies: Where to Start? (Star Wars)Plus The Hateful Eight, The Big Short, Daddy’s Home, In the Heart of the Sea, Concussion
  5. movie review
    David O. Russell’s Joy Can’t Manage to Keep Its Own RhythmThe director builds a pedestal to his frequent leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. This works well until the pedestal is completed and looks dismayingly like … a pedestal.
  6. uncanny resemblances
    Watch Melissa Rivers Play Mom Joan in Joy“She should be in a skirt. She’s got nice long legs.”
  7. oscars
    Will Joy’s Mixed Reviews Hurt Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Chances?Let’s break down all the categories the film could compete in.
  8. trailer mix
    New Joy TV Spot: Jennifer Lawrence Still Lives With Her ParentsFrom David O. Russell’s forthcoming biopic.
  9. jennifer lawrence
    David O. Russell Calls Jennifer Lawrence ‘Him’“But he really respects and understands women.”
  10. the industry
    Noah Wyle Is Our Only HopePlus: new Phish album.