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  1. there’s nothing like a dame
    Judi Dench Insists She’d Be Dead If It Weren’t for TikTok“It saved my life.”
  2. disney minus
    What’s So Wildly Different About Artemis Fowl the Movie vs. the Books?There are simply too many baffling departures from Eoin Colfer’s YA series, so let’s focus on the most important changes Disney made.
  3. movie review
    Artemis Fowl and the Death of the Fantasy YA FranchiseThe long-delayed adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s hit series, now streaming on Disney+, is more baffling relic of the past than movie.
  4. tiktok talk
    Cool Grandma Judi Dench Gets Into Quarantine TikTokShe really hits the choreography.
  5. roll clip!
    There’s Nothing You Can Name That’s Anything Like a Dame Judi Coronavirus PSA“Just keep laughing.”
  6. purrrrrrrr
    On Top of Everything Else, Judi Dench Still Hasn’t Seen CatsJust when you thought things couldn’t get worse …
  7. 25 days of cats
    Make the Cats Kiss, You CowardsOut of an extensive list of perverse elements, the cat nuzzling in Cats is perhaps the most disturbing.
  8. trailer mix
    A New Cats Trailer Only Leaves Us With More Cats QuestionsThere’s so much new dialogue.
  9. first looks
    Judi Dench Is Giving Pointy Fairy Ears Some Gravitas in Artemis Fowl First LookCommander Root will interrogate the hell out of you.
  10. now and forever
    Oscar Winner Judi Dench to Play Deuteronomy in the Cats MovieBut she hasn’t always been a fan of the musical!
  11. tea!
    Which Tea With The Dames Dame Are You?Are you petty like Maggie Smith or an HBIC like Judi Dench?
  12. movies
    11 Delightful Things We Learned From Tea With the DamesIncluding the fact that Judi Dench takes all the good parts, and that Maggie Smith has yet to watch Downton Abbey.
  13. roll clip!
    Tea With the Dames Clip: Maggie Smith Politely Puts Judi Dench in Her PlaceYour favorite British 80-something puts your other favorite British 80-something in her place.
  14. film
    Jim Broadbent, Judi Dench to Star in Film Co-written by Eddie IzzardThis wildly uplifting cast will star in a thriller about school girls loyal to Hitler.
  15. Murder on the Orient Express Is a Mild RideKenneth Branagh’s update on the classic story is a good bet for those unfamiliar, but a bit of a snooze otherwise.
  16. the industry
    A-listers Denounce Weinstein’s ‘Vile’ History of Alleged Sexual HarassmentGeorge Clooney and Ben Affleck join Kate Winslet, Judi Dench, and more in speaking out against the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  17. Victoria & Abdul Bears a Passing Resemblance to a Good MovieStephen Frears’s touch has gotten heavier and more dodderingly tasteful, but Judi Dench has held onto her magic.
  18. roll clip!
    We Wouldn’t Mind Spending 25 Years in The Late Late Show’s Red RoomEnunciate your words, damnit!
  19. queen
    Judi Dench Is Having a Ball of a Time Promoting Her New MovieShe’s learning to rap, playing with a fidget spinner, and answering who she’d rather.
  20. Murder on the Orient Express Trailer: All Right, Who Killed Johnny Depp?Kenneth Branagh’s remake arrives November 10.
  21. dames: they’re just like us!
    Let Dame Judi Dench Show You Her Teeny Tiny Fidget SpinnerDames: They’re just like us!
  22. best actress watch
    Best Actress Watch: Can Judi Dench Contend for Her Second Oscar?Victoria and Abdul gives her a shot this year, but it’s a stacked race. Here’s our take.
  23. monikers
    Whatever You Do, for the Love of God, Don’t Call Judi Dench a National TreasureThe dame wants what the dame wants.
  24. A Tribute to the Truly Bungled Release of Tulip FeverHas there ever been a film as enjoyably cursed as Tulip Fever?
  25. last night on late night
    Please Enjoy These Embarassing Photos of Kirsten Wiig and Steve CarellTimes, they are a-changin.
  26. trophies
    Judi Dench Wins Record 8th Olivier AwardDench won Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Winter’s Tale.
  27. movies
    Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 Pretty Much OkayChances are, if you liked The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, you’ll like the second best one as well.
  28. aging gracefully
    Telling Judi Dench to ‘Retire’ Is One of the Rudest Things You Can Say to Her We wouldn’t dare, dame.
  29. tattoo me!
    Judi Dench Has Harvey Weinstein’s Name Tattooed on Her AssDame Dench FTW.
  30. oscars 2014
    Best Actress: Is Amy Adams Gaining on Cate Blanchett?Blanchett will be tough to beat, but Adams could surprise.
  31. movie review
    Edelstein on Philomena: Calling Out the Catholic Church, GentlyStarring Judi Dench as a former nurse in search of a son she once gave over to a convent.
  32. trailer mix
    Philomena Trailer: Judi Dench, Adoption, TearsGood Anne Boleyn joke, too.
  33. judi dench
    This Is Why Dame Judi Dench Is the BestSo cool and, also, tiny!
  34. exclusive
    See an Exclusive Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ClipIt feels like Judi Dench is getting flirty.
  35. james bond
    Watch a Supercut of People Saying ‘Double Oh’Don’t call him “Bond.”
  36. skyfall
    Check Out a Series of Stills From SkyfallOr: How to Wear a Suit.
  37. Dame Judi Dench Reveals She Is Going Blind, Needs Help Reading ScriptsAdmits to interviewer she can’t make out his face.
  38. movies
    Judi Dench, Ian McKellen Board Zombie ComedyAnd it has the most British title ever.
  39. unlikely pairings
    Judi Dench Will Be Ravished By Johnny Depp in Pirates 4The unlikely pairing of the year!
  40. joss stone
    Joss Stone Is Virtually a Bond GirlShe’s starring in a Bond video game.
  41. quote machine
    Judi Dench Practically a Regular Person, Claims Kevin SpaceyPlus: John Cusack already sick of himself.
  42. snubs
    Which Actors Went Mysteriously Missing From Last Night’s Golden Globes?One man’s snub turned into another’s gain.