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  1. riverdale
    An Asexual’s Defense of Jughead Kissing Betty on RiverdaleThe newly asexual icon of the Archie comics is allowed to explore his sexuality, just like everyone else.
  2. chat room
    Cole Sprouse on Riverdale, Donald Trump, and Asexual JugheadThe Jughead actor is trying to get away from his Disney past.
  3. casting couch
    The CW’s Archie Pilot Casts Archie, Josie, Cheryl, and Luke Perry [Updated]Luke Perry will play Archie’s dad.
  4. casting couch
    Suite Life’s Cole Sprouse Will Be CW’s JugheadCody Martin no more.
  5. sequential art
    Archie Comic Reveals Jughead Is AsexualA rare identity in pop culture.