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  1. friday night movie club
    Is Save the Last Dance Worth Rewatching?For the cursed audition scene? No. For the underappreciated performances from Kerry Washington and Bianca Lawson? Yes.
  2. casting
    Julia Stiles to Play Prestigious Magazine Journalist in Hustlers MovieThat’s New York’s own Jessica Pressler, of course.
  3. okurrrr
    Cardi B Will Make Her Feature Film Debut in Stripper Saga HustlersSay I gotta dance.
  4. movies
    A Quick Refresher on the Jason Bourne Universe BackstoryUniversal was really planning on more Jeremy Renner movies.
  5. bourne
    Matt Damon Divulges New Details on the Next ‘Post-Snowden’ Bourne FilmThe movie co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, which is reason enough to see it.
  6. casting couch
    Julia Stiles Will Be in the New Bourne MovieNo word on Joan Allen.
  7. theater review
    Review: Has Anyone in Phoenix Ever Seen a Play?This new production of the two-person play co-stars Julia Stiles.
  8. casting couch
    Julia Stiles Cast in TNT’s Guilt by AssociationIt’s a crime drama.
  9. chat room
    Julia Stiles Wants to Direct a Movie Too “You have to pick you.”
  10. Watch the Trailer for the New David Cross/Julia Stiles Movie ‘It’s a […] Here’s the trailer for a new independent comedy called It’s a Disaster, written/directed by Todd Berger (The Scenesters) and starring David […]
  11. failure to launch
    Six Incorrectly Predicted Breakout Movie StarsWiley Wiggins? Ryan Phillippe? C. Thomas Howell?
  12. dexter
    Dexter Renewed for Sixth SeasonWill it be the last?
  13. chat room
    Dexter’s Julia Stiles on Playing Lumen, and This Season’s ‘Harrowing’ Finale“I’m not sure if this makes me a masochist, but … “
  14. party chat
    Julia Stiles Says ‘Splooge’ for Charity“I got to curse my face off — it felt great!”
  15. stage dive
    Theater Review: Julia Stiles Leads the Jittery Collegiate Thrills of PersephoneIf Baz Luhrman and Laurie Anderson got stoned listening to late-night college-radio electro-pop, this is what they’d hallucinate.
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Matthew Morrison, StilesPlus: Stanley Tucci to play scientist in ‘Captain America.’
  17. broadwaypocalypse
    Julia Stiles Fails to Save BroadwaySurely there must be some way to pin some of the blame for the failure of ‘Oleanna’ on Jeremy Piven, right?
  18. the industry
    Jason Lee to Try On Blue Suede ShoesPlus: Winnie Mandela gets a biopic! The Mol strikes again! And it’s curtains for ‘Oleanna’!
  19. up all night
    Kutcher, Moore, Aniston, Crudup and Others Kick Off 24 Hour Play FestivalReady or not, the actors hit the stage tomorrow at 8 p.m.
  20. broadway
    Julia Stiles Set to Save Broadway!She’ll be starring alongside Bill Pullman in ‘Oleanna.’
  21. the industry
    Scorsese, DiCaprio Follow in the Afflecks’ FootstepsPlus industry news on Jay-Z, Ghostface, and Will Oldham.
  22. the industry
    Brad Pitt, Matt Damon InterchangablePlus industry news on Justice League, Katherine Heigl, and Avatar.