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Julian Fellowes

  1. beautiful schemers
    Belgravia’s Best Schemers, RankedIn the Julian Fellowes miniseries, telling lies and keeping secrets is the name of the game. Let’s determine who played it best.
  2. keep calm
    Polish Your Silverware: Downton Abbey Is Getting a Sequel MovieCarson is screaming.
  3. casting
    Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski Will Play Sisters in HBO’s The Gilded AgeDownton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes created the period drama.
  4. party reports
    Julian Fellowes Is Already Planning One Hell of a Downton Abbey FuneralFor a certain someone.
  5. tv orders
    HBO Is Picking Up Julian Fellowes’s Opulent, Downton-esque The Gilded AgeThe American period drama was originally going to air on NBC.
  6. british drama
    Blimey! Downton Abbey’s Creator Has Big Issues With The CrownIt’s a period drama-off.
  7. series orders
    Julian Fellowes’s The Gilded Age Is Finally Coming to NBCThe series will premiere in 2019.
  8. the industry
    New Julian Fellowes Drama Headed to Amazon PrimeDowager approved.
  9. party chat
    Julian Fellowes Really Wants the Downton Abbey Movie to HappenSix seasons and a movie!
  10. the final season
    Julian Fellowes Explains Why Downton Is Ending“Edith was such a leitmotif of misery.”
  11. Ebiri: Romeo and Juliet Is Undercut by Its Romeo and JulietRefreshingly un-modernized, this version suffers from young lovers who fall far short of the DiCaprio-Danes high-water mark.
  12. explanations
    Julian Fellowes Says Christmas Specials Are Always That Harsh(Spoilers.)
  13. tv
    Was the Shocking End to Downton Abbey a Veiled Threat to the Cast?More spoilers!
  14. downton abbey
    Julian Fellowes Planning U.S. Spin on Downton Abbey for NBCAbout the rich in nineteenth-century New York.
  15. british tv
    Julian Fellowes Is Considering a Downton PrequelAs long as people dramatically rip open letters at breakfast and constantly talk about needing to “rest,” we’re in.
  16. quotables
    Julian Fellowes Thinks Americans Are Bad at Costume DramaUh-oh, Shirley.
  17. mixed feelings
    Shirley MacLaine on Downton Abbey and Eight Teases for Season 3And the Internet’s limited “tolerance for emotional knowledge.”
  18. cannes 2012
    The New Romeo and Juliet Hold Court at CannesIt’s the Shakespeare classic by way of Downton Abbey.
  19. compare and contrast
    Can Julian Fellowes’s Titanic Fill the Downton Abbey Void?Downton on a boat!
  20. everything’s coming up roses
    Julian Fellowes Will Write Barbra Streisand’s GypsyGood luck.
  21. downton abbey
    Downton Abbey’s Creator Loves Glee, Sex and the CityInteresting.
  22. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Groban, Tomei, SarandonPlus: Lily Collins to star in a ‘Twilight’-ized ‘Romeo and Juliet.’
  23. the industry
    Al Pacino to Fall for a Younger WomanPlus: Showtime and HBO battle for the Vanderbilts.