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  1. gloria-core
    The Glorias Trailer: Julianne Moore Dons the Steinem GlassesAnd the belt, obviously.
  2. gloria steinem
    Gloria Steinem Describes New York Magazine As ‘Heaven’Awwwwwww!
  3. casting
    Alicia Vikander in Talks to Play Gloria Steinem With Julianne MooreJulie Taymor is directing My Life On The Road.
  4. deep dives
    Evan Rachel Wood and Julie Taymor: Across the Universe ‘Scared People’The star and director of Across the Universe reflect on Taymor’s reputation as “difficult,” the film’s bungled marketing, and Wood’s first nude scene.
  5. M. Butterfly Broadway Revival Starring Clive Owen to Close in JanuaryThe Julie Taymor–directed production was originally scheduled to run through February 25.
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: M. Butterfly, Chasing Its Own Reality“Islands of incisive commentary in a stream that hasn’t entirely found its flow.”
  7. 37 Theater Events to Check Out This FallDavid Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly revival, Tiny Beautiful Things at the Public, and more.
  8. Julie Taymor on Coming Back to Broadway With an Updated M. ButterflyIt’s one of four productions she’ll have running in New York this fall.
  9. casting couch
    Clive Owen to Star in Julie Taymor’s Broadway Revival of M. Butterfly Premiering October 26, 2017.
  10. party chats
    Jodie Foster Says Jonathan Demme Is Her ‘Favorite Female Director’“I don’t think there’s some kind of big plot to keep women down.”
  11. theater
    Theater Review: Anne Hathaway’s On Point in GroundedThe remote soldier, working from the home front.
  12. party chat
    Taymor Made a Midsummer Night’s Dream MovieAnd she hopes to screen it at the Toronto Film Festival.
  13. postmortem
    A Monetary Autopsy of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark The show drops the curtain for good on January 4.
  14. not-so-superheroes
    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark to Close in 2014And potentially move to Vegas.
  15. Theater Review: A Midsummer Night’s DreamA reminder of why she was a MacArthur genius.
  16. the law
    Julie Taymor Settled With Spider-Man ProducersGood-bye, Sad Julie Taymor.
  17. theater
    Julie Taymor Returning Quietly With Some Shakespeare in BrooklynFrom Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark to A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  18. party chat
    Julie Taymor Has a Bone to Pick With the MPAA“It’s okay to have violence, but you can’t have love?”
  19. penpals
    You Can Now Read Bono and Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark E-mailsPlan X! Drunk Bono! And more.
  20. Julie Taymor Says Spider-Man Producers ‘Assassinating Her Character’She’d sued them last November, and now they’re suing her back.
  21. spider-manpocalpyse
    Julie Taymor, Spider-Man Producers Reach Royalties SettlementOne lawsuit down.
  22. Spider-Man Producers Counter-sue Julie TaymorIt’s on.
  23. Julie Taymor Claims Bono, the Edge Falsely Criticized HerOusted Spider-Man director talks of unfair malignment.
  24. spider-manpocalypse
    Julie Taymor Sues Spider-Man: Turn Off the DarkSad Taymor returns.
  25. Julie Taymor on Her Tonys Eligibility: ‘It Feels Right’“It’s my work up there.”
  26. spider-manpocalpyse
    Julie Taymor Is Eligible for a Best Director Tony!She’s not so sad anymore.
  27. theater
    Julie Taymor: ‘It’s Incredibly Difficult to Be Under a Microscope’“Twitter and Facebook and blogging just trump you.”
  28. the never ending story
    Julie Taymor and Bono Kiss and Make Up at the Spider-Man PremiereAnd Bill Clinton shows up.
  29. the never ending story
    Julie Taymor Will Attend Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark PremiereDrama!
  30. spider-man turn off the dark
    Bono and the Edge ‘Shocked’ Julie Taymor by Ousting Her“If we thought it would take this long, there is not a chance we’d have done it.”
  31. theater
    Spider-Man Still Owes Julie Taymor Six FiguresAnd producers haven’t paid up.
  32. spider-manpocalypse
    Julie Taymor Gets Awkward New Spider-Man TitleAt least she’s getting credited.
  33. spider-manpocalypse
    Vulture Commissioned a ‘Sad Julie Taymor’ Ice SculpturePerfect for a centerpiece for your Spider-Man themed wedding!
  34. the never ending story
    Spider-Man Ditches Its ChoreographerCh-ch-ch-changes!
  35. spider-manpocalypse
    Julie Taymor May Get Kicked Off Spider-ManAnd a March 15 opening is now “unlikely.”
  36. the never ending story
    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Reportedly Considering a Co-Director [Updated]Phil McKinley may come on board.
  37. the never ending story
    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Admits It Needs a WriterAnd hires someone to do it.
  38. spider-man turn off the dark
    T.V. Carpio Named New Female Lead in Spider-ManShe’s moving up from the Greek chorus.
  39. spider-man
    Wednesday’s Performance of Spider-Man CanceledIt will start again tomorrow.
  40. spider-man
    Broadway Actors Getting Pissy With Julie Taymor Now“I hope whoever was hurt is ok and sues the shit out of Julie, Bono, Edge and every other asshole who invested in that steaming pile of actor crippling shit!”
  41. spider-man
    Injured Spider-Man Actor Has Broken Ribs, Internal BleedingBut the show will begin again tomorrow.
  42. spider-man
    Update: Spider-Man Musical Injures AnotherAnother night, another mishap for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
  43. spider-man
    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Opening February 7Obviously, subject to change.
  44. spider-man
    Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Delayed Yet AgainIt will now open sometime in February.
  45. exclusives
    Watch Russell Brand Improvise a Shakespearean Backstory for Five MinutesAsked about his character in ‘The Tempest,’ the comedian went on a dazzling, dizzying riff.
  46. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Sarah Silverman’s Advice For Users of Feminine DeodorantPlus, Chelsea Handler wonders why Oprah wouldn’t want to be a lesbian, on our regular late-night roundup.
  47. spider-manpocalypse
    Foxwoods Theater Already Working on a Spider-Man Contingency Plan?The theater’s G.M. is asking Broadway producers if they have any musicals that might be a “future fit” for the theater.
  48. spider-manpocalypse
    No One Killed at First Spider-Man PreviewBut what did go wrong?
  49. spider-man
    Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark So Demanding, Two Spider-Men Will Be RequiredReeve Carney will have a sub for two performances a week.
  50. clickables
    See the Spider-Man Musical Costumes (Plus Some Pretty Dresses)Says Julie Taymor, “I know it’s too much, but is that bad?”
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