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  1. injury list
    Actor in Spider-Man Musical Breaks Both His WristsAfter a (really cool sounding) stunt goes wrong.
  2. trailer mix
    The Tempest Trailer: Enter the Wizarding World of Helen MirrenJulie Taymor’s Shakespeare adaptation is coming out this December.
  3. spider-man
    Bono’s Spidey and Batman Songs Sound AlikeRemember “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”?
  4. beef
    Ted Leo Is Taking Shots at Green Day and Julie TaymorHis new video was “Inspired by Julie Taymor’s Beatles show, Julie Taymor’s Bon Jovi show, and the ineffable genius of the Green Day extravaganza.”
  5. spider-man
    Spider-Man the Musical Gets a Premiere DateIt goes into previews on November 14.
  6. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical Gets a New Green Goblin, Might Open in NovemberGet your tickets now!
  7. spider-man
    Julie Taymor: Spider-Man Musical Opening in the Fall“Yeah, it’ll be late fall. Late fall, early winter.”
  8. spider-manpocalypse
    Broadway’s Spider-Man Needs New Mary JaneEvan Rachel Wood pulled out owing to a scheduling conflict.
  9. spider-man
    Broadway’s Spider-Man Refunding Chumps’ Ticket OrdersGood news for people who actually thought ‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ would begin previews in February.
  10. spider-man
    Spider-Man Lives?It’ll open in July, allegedly!
  11. spider-man
    Friday Is Judgment Day for Spider-Man, the MusicalCan director Julie Taymor use dental floss and safety pins to save her show?
  12. impending disasters
    Are These Rich Guys Crazy Enough to Save the Spider-Man Musical?Maybe!
  13. spider-man
    Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man Musical Still Totally Happening, Says Julie Taymor“We had funding and now there’s more funding. It’s all good. Tutto è bene!”
  14. spider-man
    Can Bono Save the Spider-Man Musical?He may be its only hope!
  15. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical ‘Over,’ As Far As Mary Jane’s Concerned“She’s available for other work,” say Evan Rachel Wood’s agents.
  16. disasters
    Spider-Man Musical: Dead?Last week, the show was put on “hiatus.” Now they’re releasing actors from contracts.
  17. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical on Hiatus, Out of MoneyEven the Edge is mad.
  18. spider-man
    Josh Bednarsky’s Spider-Man Dreams Still Alive!They’re holding another open casting call!
  19. the industry
    Spider-Man: the Musical Hitting Some Creative RoadblocksPlus: the return of Jenna Elfman.
  20. the industry
    Meryl Streep to Be Touched by CatPlus: Stan Lee’s gay-superhero show is a go!
  21. awesome
    Makers of $40 Million ‘Spider-Man: The Musical’ Also Undeterred by Economic ApocalypseIt’s now ‘the most expensive production in theater history.’
  22. the industry
    Forest Whitaker Sees Trees of Green, Red Roses TooPlus: Cronenberg does Ludlum!
  23. awesome
    ‘Spider-Man’ Possibly Hitting Broadway Next YearMaybe!
  24. apropos of nothing
    Aspiring Actor Josh Bednarsky Is All Wrong to Play Spider-ManThis Vulture editor stands a better chance of being cast as Mary Jane than Josh Bednarsky does of getting a callback.
  25. countdown
    Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood Not Playing Spidey and MJ on Broadway; Could YOU?Julie Taymor, Bono, and the Edge are holding an open casting call!
  26. countdown
    Julie Taymor and Bono’s ‘Spider-Man’ Musical Actually ‘Across the Universe 2’?Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood as Spidey and Mary Jane?
  27. the take
    Is ‘Across the Universe’ the Next ‘High School Musical’?Julie Taymor’s musical, written off as a flop, gets new life at the box office.
  28. vulture lists
    10 Favorite Beatles Covers of All TimeVulture tests out its sexy new streaming audio player!