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June Squibb

  1. movie review
    Maybe Justin Timberlake Wasn’t the Right Man to Play an Angry Ex-Con in Palmer.Sometimes, having your heart in the right place isn’t enough to make a great movie.
  2. halloween
    Adam Sandler Saves Halloween Alongside Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson in New MoviePresumably. He might let the devil drag us to hell, but that doesn’t seem like his style.
  3. June Squibb on Girls, Mystery Novels, and Finally Taking a Vacation“I had seven years as a single young woman in New York before I married my second husband. So I can relate to a lot of that.”
  4. oscars 2014
    Best Supporting Actress: Can Jennifer Lawrence Vault Past Lupita Nyong’o?This could be a tight race.
  5. party chat
    Hannah’s Grandmother Will Meet Adam on Season 3 of GirlsShe’s “sort of a snippy lady, really,” says June Squibb.
  6. party chat
    June Squibb Says Hannah’s Grandma Is Dying on Season 3 of GirlsSays June Squibb.