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Jurassic Park 4

  1. movie posters
    Here Is the First Jurassic World Poster Plus a new tagline.
  2. dino dna
    Jurassic Park 4 Coming in 2015, in 3-DRoar.
  3. delays
    Jurassic Park 4’s Release Date Pushed BackSome more time in the amber won’t hurt anybody.
  4. we have to go back!
    Jurassic Park 4 Will Head Back to the Original IslandIsla Nublar, baby.
  5. dino dna
    Jurassic Park 4 Will Welcome a Scary New DinosaurIts identity is a secret. (Secretsaurus?)
  6. new gigs
    Surprising Director Chosen for Jurassic Park 4Who is Colin Trevorrow?
  7. jurassic park 4
    See Allegedly Scrapped Concept Art for Jurassic Park 4A Land Before Time it isn’t.
  8. party chat
    Indiana Jones 5 in Limbo, Jurassic Park 4 Still ViableProducer Frank Marshall updates us on both sequels.
  9. dino dna
    Jurassic Park 4 Hires Rise of the Planet of the Apes WritersAmanda Silver and Rick Jaffa.
  10. dino dna
    Steven Spielberg Talked About Jurassic Park 4 Again“It’s on the schedule,” he says. Right after, y’know, Lincoln, War Horse, and The Adventures of Tintin.
  11. jurassic park 4
    Spielberg: Jurassic Park 4 Already in the WorksHappy, happy day for all the dinosaur lovers out there.
  12. the early-evening news
    Van Halen Reunites!Amy Winehouse, Harry Potter, and more!