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  1. iconic trios
    Jurassic World 3: Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum Are Out of Extinction[Velociraptor roar of approval.]
  2. dinosaurs
    Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Short Welcomes You to An America Where Dinos RoamCamping? Fun while it lasted. Vacationing without the fear of a T. Rex eating your kids? We had a great run.
  3. History of a Meme: The T-Rex Costume“Even walking across the room, you couldn’t help but bust out laughing.”
  4. Why Do the Jurassic World Movies Keep Making Up Dinosaurs?Justice for the dinosaurs that actually existed!
  5. deep dives
    How Jurassic Park Changed the Way Movies Looked at DinosaursA brief history of dinosaur movies, from Gertie the Dinosaur to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
  6. movie review
    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is Chasing Its Own TailThe latest Jurassic movie plays like a strenuous imitation of Steven Spielberg instead of the real deal.
  7. How Realistic Are Dinosaur Movies?He’s really hung up on the feathers and the roaring …
  8. How to Clean a Dinosaur at NYC’s Museum of Natural HistoryYou’ll need a jet pack, a crane, and a can-do attitude.
  9. last night on late night
    Jeff Goldblum, Uh, Teases That Laura Dern, Um, May Be in a Jurassic World Movie“I can’t divulge anything, but maybe maybe maybe.”
  10. casting couch
    Jeff Goldblum to Reunite With Man-Eating Dinosaurs in Jurassic World SequelHold on to your butts!
  11. sensible shoes
    Jurassic 2 Gives Bryce Dallas Howard New ShoesThe heels are no more.
  12. The Impossible’s J.A. Bayona to Helm Jurassic World 2He also directed the horror film The Orphanage.
  13. sequels forever
    Jeff Goldblum Addresses Jurassic Sequel RumorsGod creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Jeff Goldblum.
  14. a box office force awakens
    7 Key Numbers Behind The Force Awakens’ Record-Setting OpeningA box-office force awakens.
  15. jurassic world
    There Are Going to Be Two Jurassic World SequelsNo word on whether Chris Pratt will get exponentially more attractive with each installment.
  16. deleted scenes
    Jurassic World’s Deleted Scene Is a Pile of PoopPoo on you!
  17. candy
    Here’s the Honest Trailer for Jurassic WorldStarring Zoo Lord and Bryce Dallas Texas.
  18. who?
    Billy Eichner Proves New Yorkers Have No Idea Who Chris Pratt Is“Who is this man?” “F*ck if I know.”
  19. d23
    Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow to Direct Star Wars: Episode IXIt’s official. What do you think?
  20. Here’s When You Can Expect Jurassic World’s SequelWill it break even more records?
  21. box office
    What Finally Killed the Dinosaurs? MinionsThe little yellow buggers were the masters of this weekend’s box office.
  22. box office
    Who Terminated at the Box Office? (Not Arnold)Meanwhile, Inside Out is on pace to become the highest-grossing film to never win a weekend box office.
  23. box office
    Jurassic World Just Beats Out Inside Out at the Box OfficeMeanwhile, Ted 2 made 39 percent less than its predecessor.
  24. box office
    Jurassic World Keeps Killing at the Box OfficeInside Out also had the second-best opening of any Pixar film.
  25. jurassic park
    After 20 Years, Jurassic Park Theme Is No. 1John Williams’s theme is on top of Billboard’s Classic Digital Songs chart.
  26. ask an expert
    A Harvard Geneticist on Jurassic World’s Science George M. Church is a leading light in the “de-extinction” efforts.
  27. real life superheroes
    Pratt’s JW Raptor Scenes Inspire ZookeepersWelcome to #JurassicZoo in real life.
  28. box office
    Jurassic World Devours the Box OfficeThe fourth film in the franchise broke multiple records this weekend.
  29. A Broker Explains How a Real-Life Jurassic World Would Get Insurance Coverage“They’re paying a hell of a lot of premium with a huge deductible.”
  30. A Jurassic Park Producer Revisits the Poop SceneIt’s still just one big pile of …
  31. There’s No Feminism to Be Found in Jurassic World’s Genetic CodeRemember how badass Laura Dern was in 1993’s Jurassic Park?
  32. movies
    Jurassic World ReviewAt its best, it’s good enough to take your mind off its worst, which is saying a lot.
  33. last night on late night
    Pratt Only Had 3 Faces in Jurassic WorldFear, love, and joy.
  34. last night on late night
    Chris Pratt Also Could Have Filmed Jurassic World Entirely in HeelsRun from that dinosaur!
  35. trailer mix
    The Spoiler-Heavy Final Jurassic World Trailer Is HereFeaturing even more Chris Pratt.
  36. jurassic world
    Jurassic World’s Director on Whedon’s Comments“I wonder why [Universal] chose a clip like that.”
  37. sorry not sorry
    Chris Pratt Apologizes for Anything Offensive He May or May Not Say“I am not in the business of making excuses. I am just dumb.”
  38. On the Rise with Lauren LapkusA force in the Chicago improv community, Lauren Lapkus moved to Los Angeles a little over five years ago to make a name for herself. And boy […]
  39. hold on to your butts
    ‘InGen’ Releases Viral Video for Jurassic WorldGod help us, we’re in the hands of engineers.
  40. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Chris Pratt’s Reddit AMA“Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny.”
  41. trivia
    ‘Apparently Kid’ Wrecks Chris Pratt in Ellen’s Dinosaur TriviaDude knows a lot about dinosaurs, apparently.
  42. trailer mix
    Jurassic World Has a New, Even Scarier TrailerAll the tourists are screwed.
  43. summer movie preview 2015
    The Problem With Hollywood Special EffectsJurassic World and Terminator: Genisys are arriving two decades after the original movies, so why are the special effects less convincing?
  44. sexism
    Joss Whedon Thinks Jurassic World Looks Pretty ‘’70s-Era Sexist’He has a point. 
  45. clips
    Yes, Chris Pratt Will Have a Sense of Humor in Jurassic WorldIn case you were worried.
  46. summer movie preview 2015
    The Summer of Tentpole AmnesiaThey’re a chance for producers to shout, “Do-over!” after some particularly egregious past creative misstep.
  47. they're not dolls mom they're action figures
    Watch Ridiculous Avengers Toys in ActionAnd a purse that fires darts!
  48. trailer mix
    Watch Jurassic World’s Super Bowl SpotIntroducing Chris Pratt, raptor whisperer.
  49. party chat
    Why the Jurassic World Trailer Made Chris Pratt Cringe“Aw, why did I do that with my eyebrow?”
  50. movies
    The Jurassic World Trailer’s 5 Callbacks to Jurassic ParkLife finds a way.
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