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  1. jurisprudence
    British Actress Claims Polanski Sexually Assaulted Her in 1982When she was 16 years old.
  2. jurisprudence
    Steven Seagal Sued for Sexual AssaultWe’re not sure how this will affect Seagal’s reputation as a ‘Lawman,’ but it can’t be good.
  3. the fuzz
    Erykah Badu in Trouble for Nudie VideoBadu’s naked stroll through Dealey Plaza will cost her $500.
  4. jurisprudence
    Sean Penn Might Go to JailHe faces eighteen months in jail for kicking a photographer last fall.
  5. jurisprudence
    Bruce Springsteen Fans Topple The FTCVictory!
  6. jurisprudence
    Charlie Sheen’s Court Case Is Trouble For CBSThe horror, the horror!
  7. jurisprudence
    Fox Continues Its Assault on BootleggersDozens of bootleggers may owe $150,000 for each infringement.
  8. jurisprudence
    Letterman Extorter’s Tiger Woods Defense Doesn’t WorkWell, that’s a surprise.
  9. jurisprudence
    Robert Halderman Channels Tiger Woods in His Latest DefenseIf nothing else, the lawyer deserves points for creativity.
  10. david letterman
    Letterman Extorter a Plea-Bargaining OptimistRobert Halderman is looking for a year sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.
  11. good behavior
    T.I. Gets Sprung From the PokeyHe’ll serve out the rest of his sentence at a halfway house (across the sky).
  12. jurisprudence
    Court Denies Polanski’s Request to Dismiss His CaseIt just wants this damn thing to end.
  13. hard time
    Roman Polanski Prepares to Hit the SlopesWorkers were seen plowing snow from the driveway of his Swiss chalet.
  14. Nicolas Sarkozy Helped Free Roman PolanskiMaybe he’ll get invited to the chalet.
  15. jurisprudence
    Anthony Michael Hall Accused of Assaulting Dating-Columnist GirlfriendBad news for the ‘Sixteen Candles’ star.
  16. jurisprudence
    Aspiring Screenwriter Robert ‘Joe’ Halderman Insists That He Just Wanted to Sell David Letterman His ScreenplaySounds perfectly reasonable to us!
  17. jurisprudence
    Anyone With a Grudge Against David Letterman Welcome to Contribute to Robert ‘Joe’ Halderman’s Defense FundHalderman is “planning to meet with friends and advisers in the coming weeks to discuss other fund-raising possibilities.”
  18. jurisprudence
    John Travolta Extortion Case Declared a MistrialWhat a bummer for Travolta and his family.
  19. jurisprudence
    Smallville Actor Busted for Plotting to Sell OxycodoneBack when we were teenagers, the only people who wanted oxy were kids with acne problems!
  20. Roman Polanski Getting ImpatientHis lawyer: “If the procedure drags on, it is not impossible that he could choose to go and explain himself in the United States, where there are some arguments in his favor.”
  21. jurisprudence
    Judge Clears Way for Wide Release of Chris Rock’s New DocumentaryChris Rock isn’t totally off the hook yet, though.
  22. huge surprises
    No Bail for PolanskiRoman Polanski lost another appeal to be freed from Swiss prison this morning.
  23. jurisprudence
    Roman Polanski Still Fighting for His FreedomPolanski’s lawyers ask California courts to let him go. They don’t.
  24. jurisprudence
    Roman Polanski and the ‘Heady Times’ DefenseIn the ‘70s, our attitudes toward sexually assaulting children were really different.
  25. jurisprudence
    Roman Polanski Loses Appeal Bid in Swiss CourtsThe Swiss think that Polanski is a flight risk. Whatever would’ve given them that impression?
  26. jurisprudence
    Roman Polanski News: Major Defense Witness Admits to Lying on Film, Kirstie Alley Weighs In“JUST FOR THE RECORD….RAPE IS RAPE…this is one HOLLYWOOD STAR who does not CELEBRATE or DEFEND Roman Polanski..his ART did not RAPE her.”
  27. jurisprudence
    Pulp Fiction Screenwriter Roger Avary Sentenced in DUI Manslaughter CaseHe’ll be spending one year in jail and five on probation.
  28. jurisprudence
    Roman Polanski Update: Victim Wants Charges Dismissed, Debra Winger Thinks It’s One Big Instance of ‘Philistine Collusion’The latest news about Roman Polanski’s surprise arrest.
  29. jurisprudence
    The Plot Thickens in Michael Jackson Homicide InvestigationAccording to authorities, Dr. Conrad Murray waited some 82 minutes after Michael Jackson lost consciousness before calling 911.
  30. jurisprudence
    VH1–Reality-Show Contestant Charged With MurderRyan Jenkins, a contestant on the show ‘Megan Wants a Millionaire,’ is currently a fugitive from justice.
  31. jurisprudence
    Paris Hilton: Not Guilty!The system isn’t broken, people!
  32. jurisprudence
    Michael Jackson’s Personal Physician Becomes Target of Manslaughter InvestigationDr. Conrad Murray was not originally thought to be a suspect, but things have apparently changed.
  33. jurisprudence
    Artie Lange Gets Popped on DUI ChargesProbably the least surprising news you’ll read today.
  34. jurisprudence
    Jesse James Hollywood Takes the StandHe was the real-life inspiration for ‘Alpha Dog.’
  35. jurisprudence
    Songwriter of ‘You Light Up My Life’ Accused of Sexual AssaultJoseph Brooks, 1978 Oscar winner, will be arraigned in a Manhattan courtroom today.
  36. jurisprudence
    Chris Brown Pleads Guilty to Assault, Is Sentenced to Six Months of Washing Fire TrucksYes, you read that right — washing fire trucks.
  37. see you in court
    Wilco (The Lawsuit)Ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett wants his money.
  38. jurisprudence
    Chris Brown Faces Two Felony Charges, Four-Plus Years in JailThe L.A. County district attorney finally got around to filing charges today.
  39. beef
    Coldplay Takes a Stand (for Once)They’re not that wussy after all!