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Just Do It

  1. Tom Arnold Says He Has Trump’s Apprentice Tapes“He says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever.”
  2. just do it
    Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Sequel Might Be Back OnHe says working with Sigourney Weaver “set off a bunch of thoughts in my head.”
  3. Melissa McCarthy Shares Details on Her Upcoming Movies ‘Michelle Darnell’ […]Variety has a cover story on Melissa McCarthy and her husband/frequent collaborator Ben Falcone, that has some new info on some of the pair’s […]
  4. keeping busy
    Melissa McCarthy Working on Three New FilmsSo busy.
  5. just do it
    Will They/Won’t They Sitcom Couples: Gone?Or at least ‘Cougar Town’ and ‘Community.’
  6. tube junkie
    Sex Memoir Authors Must Be Sick of Each OtherDoug and Annie Brown and Brad and Charla Muller hid it well on the ‘Today’ show, except for one touchy moment.
  7. apropos of nothing
    Doug Brown’s 100-Days-of-Sex Memoir, ‘Just Do It,’ Optioned for Film, FinallyAnd how did author Doug Brown celebrate?
  8. news reel
    Author Has Sex for 100 Straight Days, Book Editors Get to Read About It