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  1. clickables
    See Some Smart Kids Reenact A Wrinkle in Time in 90 SecondsWell done, kids.
  2. clickables
    Read a Sweet 12-Year-Old’s Outraged Letter to ‘Mr. Dumbledore’“I recently turned 12. My chance is over.”
  3. clickables
    See Another Set of Very Tiny, Adorable Jersey Shore WannabesWrong, but cute.
  4. clickables
    Watch ‘Pink and Purple,’ an Awesome 10-Year-Old’s Wiz Khalifa RemakeLyrikkal here is the best.
  5. clickables
    Hear a Small Child’s Very Sweet Cover of Edward Sharpe’s ‘Home’“One day I’m going to whistle.”
  6. clickables
    Watch a Small Child Do Her Best Kim Pine ImpressionFrom ‘Scott Pilgrim,’ remember?
  7. Kids Reenact Kanye’s Tweets Here is an adorable new series of videos from Babelgum: Kids Reenact Kanye’s Tweets. It is pretty self-explanatory! There are seven of ‘em in […]
  8. Jason Bateman Keeps Covered Up on Sesame Street Jason Bateman wisely kept his cleavage covered up when he joined Elmo on Sesame Street. Although really, a bit of controversy probably could […]
  9. tv
    Little Kids Lip-synch to SeinfeldIt’s like karaoke, but with television.
  10. coachella
    Headlining Coachella, MGMT Leave the ‘Kids’ at HomeBand skips arguably their biggest hit.
  11. tv
    See Yippity Yo, the Cooking Show Hosted by a 3-Year-Old“I LOVE COOKIES!”
  12. movies
    See Children Reenact ScarfaceWith popcorn in lieu of cocaine.
  13. nightmare fuel
    MGMT Pushes Boundaries With Its Nightmarish Video for ‘Kids’The song’s sunny synths are negated by this video’s incredibly dark vision.
  14. james bond
    Noisy Kids Banned From Year’s Loudest MovieAfter the Bond producers objected to the idea of a Bond baby, theaters are banning kids from Bond screenings.
  15. agenda
    Laurie Berkner, Another Local Making Great Kids’ TunesLaurie Buckner, another shining example of New York’s progressive, adult-friendly children’s rock scene, may have outdone her peers with this cute and versatile album.
  16. agenda
    Kids CD Evokes ‘Soul Train,’ and With Good ReasonThere just aren’t enough R&B, gospel, funk, or hip hop albums for kids!
  17. agenda
    Dinosaurs, Nasty As Kids Want ‘Em, in ‘Jurassic Fight Club’The blow dealt to the collective dinosaur image by paleontologists announcing that T. Rex was probably a scavenger is parried with this series and its CGI re-creations of dinos battling.
  18. agenda
    Tikatok: Kids Create Picture Books Online. You Buy ‘EmSmall aspiring authors thrill at the possibilities of this site, which lets writer-illustrator kids build, share, and win kudos for their picture books.
  19. cheek by jowl
    ‘The Wackness’ vs. ‘Kids’: Which Is More Authentically 1994?What’s more true to the NYC nineties we remember: Zima or AIDS?
  20. cheek by jowl
    ‘The Wackness’ vs. ‘Kids’: Which Is More Authentically 1994?What’s more true to the NYC nineties we remember: Zima or AIDS?
  21. countdown
    Hayao Miyazaki’s New Movie Opens in Japan!It’s called ‘Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea,’ and it opens this month in Japan.
  22. agenda
    ‘The Retired Kid’: A Boy Exhausted by the Daily GrindPhyllis, Harvey, Myrtle. If he knows people with names like these, he’ll be doubly amused by the premise of this picture book.
  23. the take
    Psychiatrists Accuse Ben Silverman of Stealing BabiesThe American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has a problem with ‘Baby Borrowers.’
  24. agenda
    Totlol: Share Beloved and Obscure Short VideoA new Veoh-like site to keep him—and the baby—entertained for hours with videos snatched from around the Web by parents and kids.
  25. agenda
    Ska-Beated Video Features Jamaican M.C., Ants, Ducks …“Hangin’ Around” might become this year’s grade-school summer hit.
  26. the take
    Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears to Receive Makeovers; Childhood SpoiledHow will we explain the Care Bear Stare while holding an emaciated, not-so-stuffed animal?
  27. agenda
    ‘Abby’s Alphabet Soup,’ an Instant Kiddie ClassicRalph’s World new disc has one cut that is not to be missed.
  28. agenda
    “The Golden Compass”: Armored-Polar- Bear Fight!The polar-bear fight—with the regal Iorek Byrnison, voiced by the regal Sir Ian McClellan, completely owning false king Ragnar Sturlusson—proves mind-blowing for all ages.
  29. agenda
    The Canadian Rockers Barenaked Ladies Kid AroundFun-loving alt-rockers Barenaked Ladies cater to pint-size fans with this animated Western video for their jangly new kids’ song, “7 8 9.”
  30. news reel
    Comic-Con: ‘Amelia Rules’ Creator Jimmy Gownley on Comics for Kids and Raising His Own AmeliasThe independent creator surprised everyone this year by scoring as many Eisner Award nominations as Joss Whedon and Brian K. Vaughan.
  31. agenda
    ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ Return to Your Television!We’re glad this made-to-replay movie connected with the kiddies; the thought of a new generation embracing the cheeky, squeaky crew warms our nostalgia-ridden hearts.
  32. agenda
    Rosie O’Donnell’s ‘Crafty U’: 100 Ways To Get UsefulCrafty U: 100 Easy Projects the Whole Family Can Enjoy All Year Long , Rosie O’Donnell’s book and Web page for kids, continues the unfussy, construction-paper-and-glue tradition.
  33. agenda
    No Hipster Tyke-Rocker, Just the King of All Tyke RockHere’s a throwback to simpler times, when kids’ music sounded like kids’ music.