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  1. casting call
    The Future Is Ours to See, Now That Kaley Cuoco Is Set to Play Doris DayIn a limited series for Warner Bros. Television.
  2. renewals
    Kaley Cuoco Will Be Back in a Second Season of The Flight AttendantYou go, Kaley Cuoco!
  3. honey no!
    All the Terrible Decisions Kaley Cuoco Makes in The Flight AttendantCassie, what are you doing!?!
  4. last night on late night
    Kaley Cuoco Would Really Like to Do More Flight Attendant, PleaseAnd she owes it all to Old Sheldon. Kinda. Sorta.
  5. tv review
    The Flight Attendant Is a Goofy-Sad Escapist Caper for Our TimesIt feels odd to call a thriller a romp, but that’s about where this snappy, Kaley Cuoco–starring HBO Max series lands.
  6. trailer mix
    Kaley Cuoco Is Crazy, Drunk, But Not a Killer in The Flight Attendant TrailerPrepare for turbulence.
  7. endings
    The Big Bang Theory Cast Just Wants That Damn Elevator Fixed, AlreadyA not-unreasonable finale request.
  8. let us give thanks
    For This Year’s Thanksgiving Miracle, Kaley Cuoco Helps Save a Baby Sea LionWatch for The Thanksgiving Sea Lion, hitting theaters next November.
  9. new york comic con 2018
    Your First New York Comic Con Surprise Is Here: Meet the New Harley QuinnNew York Comic Con has barely started and is already bearing gifts.
  10. the big goodbye
    Kaley Cuoco Is ‘Drowning in Tears’ Thanks to The Big Bang Theory EndingWe would, too. Think of the $$$!
  11. Which TV Actors Get Paid the Most?Analyzing actors’ increasing salaries in the world of Peak TV.
  12. a closer look
    Everyone Is Terrible at Fake-Eating on The Big Bang TheoryIt’s time we took a closer look at this phenomenon.
  13. trailer mix
    The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Trailer: What Happened After the Proposal?Leonard may ruin things, as always.
  14. san diego comic con 2017
    A Big Bang Theory Prank Gone Awry Ended With Kaley Cuoco Covered in BloodIt’s all fun and games until one of your blue-chip stars sustains a head wound.
  15. math!
    The Insane Amount of Money The Big Bang Theory Stars Will Have Made by Season 12CBS is now spending about $10 million per episode to make its massively popular show.
  16. last night on late night
    Kaley Cuoco: More BBT Is an ‘Expensive’ Question“That’s a lot of hair,” says Cuoco about her character’s ten years on the show.
  17. the industry
    Katey Sagal, Jack McBrayer Join Big Bang TheoryIt’s an 8 Simple Rules reunion!
  18. last night on late night
    Kaley Cuoco Admits Big Bang’s Nerds Are FakeOh, the real nerds are not gonna like this.
  19. are you now or how you ever been
    C.A. Stars Register for Wrong Political PartyThe American Independent Party opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, and wants to build a fence along the U.S. border.
  20. vulture analysis
    Kaley Cuoco Gets Iced by Olaf the Snowman (Josh Gad) on Lip Sync BattleSorry, Penny.
  21. money
    Why the Big Bang Cast Deserves Even More MoneyThey’ll make upwards of $100 million over the next three years. CBS still got off cheap.
  22. The ‘Big Bang’ Stars’ New Contracts Will Earn Them Over $90M EachAlong with news of The Big Bang Theory’s triple-season renewal comes staggering raises for the main stars, who reached a deal in renewing their […]
  23. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jeff Bridges Led a Zen SessionPlus: Jay Leno helped Emma Stone’s New Year’s resolution to dance more come true, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  24. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Nathan Fillion, Zombie Apocalypse Savior-WelderPlus: Kaley Cuoco is considering narcolepsy medication, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  25. slideshow
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the SAG AwardsFrom the cast of Moneyball to Glee, check out last night’s Red Carpet at the SAG Awards.
  26. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Hilary Duff’s Pastor Pulled Out an Uzi at Her WeddingPlus: Comic-Con fans get a little too physical for Kaley Cuoco, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  27. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: A Woman Stormed Out of Book of Mormon, and Trey Parker Commends Her for ItPlus: Melissa McCarthy had recurring nightmares of a pig-faced train conductor, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  28. casting couch
    Rob Lowe Cast As Alleged Wife Killer Drew PetersonAbout suspected wife murderer Drew Peterson.
  29. paychecks
    Big Bang Theory Cast Gets Raise It DeservesThree leads will be making $200,000 per episode.
  30. accidents
    Big Bang Theory Actress Injured After Falling From HorseShe’ll miss at least one episode.
  31. money
    Which Big Bang Theory Star Is Worth the Most?Is Jim Parsons’s Emmy nomination really worth $5.75 million per season?
  32. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Stephen Dorff, Kaley CuocoPlus: Two new writers come aboard ‘Baywatch.’