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  1. this bites
    Karyn Kusama’s Dracula Movie Has Been Killed OffMina Harker was reportedly supposed to start production in May.
  2. vulture festival 2021
    Melanie Lynskey Got a Special ‘Line Reading’ of Her Yellowjackets Orgasm“It was very embarrassing to film.”
  3. cthulhu fhtagn
    Game of Thrones Showrunners to Get Eldritch Up in Here With Lovecraft ThrillerIn his house at R’lyeh, an undead IP waits dreaming.
  4. q&a
    ‘It Was a Dark Time’: Megan Fox, Karyn Kusama Revisit Jennifer’s Body Backlash“It’s being revisited because [the movie is] really f—ing good,” says the director.
  5. chat room
    Karyn Kusama Says Nicole Kidman Was ‘Disturbed’ by DestroyerIt was that adventurousness of hers, to say, “I’d have to lose myself to play this role, and that disturbs me a lot, and I really want to do it.”
  6. under pressure
    Basically Every Famous Director Is Petitioning to Save FilmStruckRian Johnson, Guillermo Del Toro, Sofia Coppola, and more have signed letters trying to save the service.
  7. trailer mix
    Nicole Kidman Has a Gun and a Leather Blazer in This New Destroyer TrailerSee it this December.
  8. casting couch
    Nicole Kidman to Star in Karyn Kusama’s Next Thriller Destroyer“It’s an incredibly dark story.”
  9. chat room
    Director Karyn Kusama Will Make You a Believer in the Power of Genre CinemaThe director contributed a vignette to the horror anthology XX, but it’s just her latest move in 20 years of horror and science fiction.
  10. Karyn Kusama on Her Wild Thriller The Invitation“There’s something very essential about what happens when we’re in pain.”
  11. pop culture
    A Few Thoughts on the Scene in Jennifer’s Body That Plays Two Recent American Tragedies for LaughsReferences to 9/11 and the Great White club fire in one scene? Edgy!