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  1. clickables
    Learn How to Make Out With Katherine Heigl in 90 Minutes or LessThere’s a trend in her hookup tendencies.
  2. quote machine
    Guillermo del Toro Will Bring Hellboy 3 to YouPlus: Guy from the Avett Brothers blown away by all this banjo-playing.
  3. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Sigourney Weaver Turned Down Woody Allen To Hide a Hedgehog in Her VaginaPlus, Bill O’Reilly receives a warm, rose petal filled welcome to The Daily Show, on our regular late-night roundup.
  4. apologies
    Sorry, China: Killers Will Be One of the Only Hollywood Movies Available to You This YearHope you like Ashton Kutcher!
  5. weekend box office
    Jaden Smith Defeats Shrek at the Box OfficeHeigl’s film isn’t earning impressive numbers.
  6. w.w.s.b.d.
    Katherine Heigl Asks Herself ‘What Would Sandra Bullock Do?’’If I could get there, I would like to be just like her.’
  7. quote machine
    Katherine Heigl Thinks She’s FunnyPlus: Mr. T misses more innocent times.
  8. weekend box office
    Katherine Heigl Loses to Jonah Hill at the Weekend Box OfficeBut they both lost to an ogre.
  9. quote machine
    Katherine Heigl Honestly Trying to Relate to Stupid PeoplePlus: Bret Michaels probably not getting hired to judge on ‘American Idol.’
  10. the star market
    Katherine Heigl: A Vulture AnalysisCritics can’t stop her, but can her own behavior?
  11. piracy
    When Will the MPAA Have Ashton Kutcher Thrown in Prison?He’s a pirate.
  12. undercovers
    Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher’s New Movie Hides From CriticsBecause it’s bad.
  13. quote machine
    Katherine Heigl Lets Stuntman Handle All That Dangerous RunningPlus: Lady Gaga a fan of the show that recently paid tribute to her.
  14. trailer mix
    Life As We Know It Trailer: Another Katherine Heigl Romantic ComedyAnd it doesn’t look so good.
  15. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Heigl, DunstPlus: ‘Entourage’ producers developing a ‘female-centric’ comedy for HBO.
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Krasinski, Heigl, The Dark TowerPlus: ‘Glee”s Quinn to date an alien.
  17. the industry
    Heigl’s Stephanie Plum movie is a goThe best-selling author has some words of advice for those adapting the first in her Plum series.
  18. Katherine Heigl’s Least Believable Excuses“Yes. [Laughs]”
  19. Heigl’s Grey’s Exit All Daughter’s Fault“I started a family and it changed everything for me. It changed my desire to work full-time.”
  20. quote machine
    Will Ferrell: Anchorman 2 Paycheck Totally Worth a Few Bad ReviewsPlus: Diddy the next McLovin.
  21. Katherine Heigl Finally Leaving Grey’s AnatomyAusiello: “Her final episode as Izzie has already aired.”
  22. awards
    Heigl Chosen As ShoWest’s ‘Star’Rom-com queen picked as Female Star of the Year.
  23. trailer mix
    Killers: The ‘My Hit Man Boyfriend’ Plot Again?Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl’s retread of a classic plot.
  24. the industry
    Jack Bauer to Kill Terrorists on the Big ScreenPlus: Tim Robbins to sire Peter Sarsgaard.
  25. vacations
    Katherine Heigl Taking Maternity Leave From Grey’s AnatomyNo, you didn’t miss anything — she’s not actually pregnant.
  26. thespians
    Outtakes From The Ugly Truth Show Off Gerard Butler’s Improv SkillsHe’s clearly been studying up on Del Close.
  27. hope
    Grey’s Anatomy: George Lives! Maybe!“That’s not George … Look at his feet! Look how tall he is!”
  28. How Will Grey’s Anatomy Explain Katherine Heigl’s Five-Episode Absence?A coma? A stint in prison?
  29. quote machine
    Hugh Jackman’s Wife to Face Stiff CompetitionPlus: Katherine Heigl exhausted again.
  30. quote machine
    James Brolin Shames Wife With Appearance in The GoodsPlus: Rainn Wilson not honored to be nominated.
  31. quote machine
    Unlicensed Architect Plots House Collapse in Spare TimePlus: Sienna Miller gets dropped.
  32. beef
    ABC Entertainment President Puts Katherine Heigl On BlastHe deemed Heigl’s recent complaints about being worked too hard “unfortunate.”
  33. quote machine
    If Joan Holloway Were Portrayed by Anyone Other Than Christina Hendricks, She’d Probably Be BoringPlus: January Jones is trying to pack on the pounds.
  34. the industry
    Hill, Segel, and Schwartzman to Follow the HandbookPlus: Jennifer Aniston goes to prison.
  35. Even Seth Rogen Now Hating on Katherine Heigl“I didn’t slip and I was doing interviews all day too!”
  36. katherine heigl
    Katherine Heigl to Blame for Katherine Heigl’s Seventeen-Hour Work Day, Says Producer“Poor Katherine Heigl. What she neglected to add was this: This ‘cruel’ shooting schedule was only to accommodate HER and her needs.”
  37. quitters
    Work-Loving T.R. Knight Quit Grey’s Anatomy Over Lack of Screen TimeWhile Katherine Heigl complains about seventeen-hour workdays, T.R. Knight says he left the show because he wasn’t being worked hard enough.
  38. divas
    Katherine Heigl Is a Fount of IdeasShe wanted her character in ‘The Ugly Truth’ to be obsessed with flossing.
  39. Overworked Katherine Heigl Complains to Letterman About ‘Cruel and Mean’ Grey’s Anatomy EmployersIf it’s another brain tumor she’s asking for, we bet it can be arranged.
  40. morons
    Seth Rogen Responds to ‘Moron’ Creator of Entourage“Luckily I never have and never plan on watching ‘Entourage.’”
  41. kudos
    Katherine Heigl’s Brain Tumor Not Emmy-WorthyEven though she slept with that dead guy!
  42. orgasms
    When It Comes to Onscreen Orgasms, Katherine Heigl Is No Meg RyanBetter luck next time, Heigl.
  43. the industry
    Daniel Craig’s New House Ruined by GhostsPlus: Martin Lawrence is taking over your television.
  44. remission accomplished
    Katherine Heigl Beats Brain Tumor, Signs On for More Grey’s AnatomyShe’ll be back in the fall, sans dead fiancé.
  45. look both ways
    Prognosis Negative for Dr. O’MalleyAccording to reports, T.R. Knight will not return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in the fall.
  46. divas
    Katherine Heigl’s Salary Demands Force Her Out of Valentine’s DayStop us if you think that you’ve heard this one before.
  47. brain tumors
    Katherine Heigl Pretty Sure She Deserves an Emmy for Sleeping With That Dead GuyShe’s back in the race!
  48. overnights
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale: A Betrayal — and a RevelationWhy didn’t we weep last night? And why can’t we wait for the next season, anyway?
  49. So About the Ending of Last Night’s Grey’s AnatomySo who survived?
  50. trailer mix
    Katherine Heigl Shoots for Rom-Com Dominance in The Ugly TruthWe can’t believe we’re typing this, but we think there might be some potential in this one.
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