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Kathleen Turner

  1. let’s do it again
    Hollywood Can’t Leave Romancing the Stone AloneThe deceptively effortless-seeming Kathleen Turner–Michael Douglas romantic adventure never spawned a franchise, but not for any lack of trying.
  2. it’s coming
    Kathleen Turner Made the Modern Femme FataleShe rewrote the rules of the cinematic seductress in the 1981 erotic thriller Body Heat.
  3. in conversation
    Kathleen Turner on Trump’s ‘Gross’ Handshake and the Co-Star She SlappedIf a man comes on set and says, “Here’s how I see this being done,” people go, “He’s decisive.” If a woman does it, they say, “There she goes.”
  4. chat room
    Kathleen Turner Is Reviving Red Hot PatriotShe’s bringing Molly Ivins to Washington, D.C., in August.
  5. stage dive
    Theater Review: High“The most indelibly misconceived drug-spazzer since Helen Hunt in ‘Desperate Lives.’
  6. tube junkie
    David Duchovny’s Sex Life Takes a Turn for the WorseKathleen Turner is all set to join the cast of ‘Californication.’
  7. the industry
    Who Will Be America’s Next Top Janet Jackson?Plus: Matthew Perry returns to television, and, at last, Toby Keith is coming to the big screen.
  8. tube junkie
    Video: The Scene at Last Night’s Public Theater GalaKathleen Turner plays John McCain in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Public Theater’s annual gala.
  9. the early-evening news
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Will Tell You Why Herbie Hancock Deserved That GrammyIf you, like us, were baffled as to why Herbie Hancock deserved the Grammy for Album of the Year, perhaps you should let leading NBA scorer and noted musicologist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explain it.