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  1. Movie Theaters to Offer Best Picture Nominee Marathons and ‘Bigelow vs. Cameron’ ScreeningsWho wants to see ten movies in 24 hours?
  2. The Red-Carpet Campaign PortfolioWhen you attend over a dozen movie awards shows, parties, lunches, brunches, teas, and Q&As over two weeks, you learn a few things.
  3. the industry
    Top Tier Directors Say No to Apes PrequelNow it’s on to the next level of meat-and-potatoes action directors.
  4. collaborations
    James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow Join Forces for Sexy, Wild West Eighties Music VideoIt’s a collaboration between the formerly married Oscar-nominated directors for a song by Bill Paxton’s long-defunct new-wave band.
  5. kudos
    The Hurt Locker Screenwriter Mark Boal Reacts to His Oscar Nominations“I have a lot of phone calls to return. At some point I’ll probably have some breakfast.”
  6. hugs not drugs
    Jeremy Renner: The Anti-Taylor SwiftHis excitement at scoring his first ever Oscar nom is palpable.
  7. Bigelow Wins DGA Award; Brangelina Shows’The Hurt Locker’ director’s win was nearly eclipsed by the apparent refutation of all those break-up rumors
  8. Tonight: Cameron, Bigelow in DGA Cage MatchExes square off in final battle before Oscars.
  9. kudos
    Tarantino, Bigelow, HMFIC Nominated for Directors Guild AwardsAlso: Lee Daniels and Jason Reitman.
  10. kudos
    National Society of Film Critics Proves That Every Critic Alive Loves The Hurt LockerBest Picture! Best Director! Best Actor! Best everything!
  11. kudos
    Mo’Nique, Memoriams, and More Nominations: Ten Reasons to Love This Oscar SeasonJames Cameron! Harvey Weinstein! Advanced math!
  12. chat room
    Mark Boal: Screenwriting on the Front Lines“People knew about the war, of course, but there were no images of the wounded [in the media].”
  13. ranters and ravers
    Manohla Dargis Has Some Choice Words for HollywoodNot even Paul Dergarabedian can escape her barbs.
  14. kudos
    Inside the New York Film Critics Circle’s Votes’The Hurt Locker’ was a no-brainer, but things got tense deciding Best Screenplay.
  15. kudos
    Inside the Boston Society of Film Critics’ Hurt Locker LovefestThey liked ‘A Serious Man’ too.
  16. quote machine
    Kathryn Bigelow’s Indie Ideals Spare Us From Hurt Locker: Tucson NightsPlus: Rachel McAdams shares some important pants-wearing advice.
  17. the industry
    Frank Langella to Teach Shia LaBeouf a Thing or TwoPlus: Hilary Duff goes undercover.
  18. trailer mix
    The Hurt Locker Gets an Explosive New TrailerThe return of Kathryn Bigelow has us giddy with anticipation.
  19. trailer mix
    Is The Hurt Locker Primed to Be a Box-Office Breakthrough?Other Iraq-themed movies haven’t fared so well.