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  1. bachelor nation
    Katie Thurston, Method Actor, Evaluates Her Bachelorette Finale Performance“I did come down hard and I did have a lot of anger.”
  2. bachelor nation
    So, Are Katie and Her Default Bachelorette Winner Still Together?We’re all underwhelmed.
  3. bachelor nation
    Katie and Greg’s Bachelorette Finale Blowup Was Capital-A Acting“I really don’t know if I actually know who Greg is. You’re a liar. You did not love me.”
  4. bachelor nation
    Katie and Greg’s Bachelorette Fight Has Reached the IG Story Screenshot PhaseShe has a lot to say about … the other G-word.
  5. bachelor nation
    The Bachelorette Is Just Recycling Seinfeld Scripts at This PointIt’s contest time.
  6. bachelor nation
    Katie Thurston Kicks Her ‘Selfish, Unkind’ Bachelorette Trash to the Curb“Your Bachelor audition ends tonight, so get out.”
  7. bachelor nation
    Bachelorette Star Katie Thurston Reveals She’s a Sexual-Assault Survivor“For a long time I felt responsible for being too drunk, too irresponsible, too stupid. But it’s not my fault.”
  8. bachelor nation
    Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette Contestants Unionized to Send This Schmuck HomeAnd, my God, it worked.
  9. last night on late night
    Our Beautiful Bachelorette Has a P.O. Box ‘Strictly for’ Vibrators“I don’t know what to do with all of them,” Katie Thurston said.
  10. bachelor nation
    Oh Great, This Guy Eventually Crashes The Bachelorette?One, two, three strikes, here he is.
  11. bachelor nation
    Katie Thurston and Michelle Young Will Lead Back-to-Back Bachelorette SeasonsHot girl summer? More like hot girl year.
  12. bachelor nation
    Looks Like the Vibrator Girl Will Be Our Next BacheloretteThe no-nonsense bank manager was a breath of fresh air this season.