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  1. met gala 2019
    This Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry Bathroom Video Is 15 Seconds of AwkwardnessWhat happens in the Met Gala bathroom …
  2. celebrity engagements
    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Got Engaged With a Giant Flower RingLegolas proposed on Valentine’s Day.
  3. lawsuits
    Kesha and Lady Gaga Called Katy Perry ‘Mean’ for Not Denouncing Dr. LukeTheir text exchange was released in a new court filing.
  4. the one that got away
    Josh Groban As Shocked As You Are Katy Perry Called Him ‘The One That Got Away’“I was not expecting that. It was a double-take and a spit of my coffee when I saw that.”
  5. lawsuits
    Katy Perry Denies Dr. Luke Raped Her in Newly Unsealed DepositionThe allegation, and Kesha’s communication about it with Lady Gaga, is a central point in Dr. Luke’s defamation suit against Kesha.
  6. depositions
    Katy Perry Wants Her Dr. Luke–Kesha Deposition SealedPerry’s lawyer is arguing that the testimony could “cause ‘significant harm’ to her ‘career and reputation.’”
  7. vulture lists
    Every VMAs Video of the Year Award, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom that one super dated Dire Straits video to multiple Beyoncé videos, to that Neil Young video that got him banned from MTV for a while.
  8. witness
    Katy Perry Says She Had ‘Situational Depression’ After Negative Album ReactionShe also spent a week at a mental-health retreat.
  9. Dr. Luke Denies Music Exec Told Kesha, Lady Gaga About Katy Perry’s Alleged Rape“Oh what a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive,” Dr. Luke’s legal team said in a new statement
  10. accusations
    Kesha Allegedly Told Lady Gaga That Dr. Luke Also Raped Katy PerryPerry has reportedly given a deposition in Luke’s defamation lawsuit against Kesha.
  11. the bachelorette
    Katy Perry Had to Be Dragged Away From New Bachelorette Becca on Idol FinaleShe wanted a rose and she’s not even single.
  12. peace
    Katy Perry Extends Literal Olive Branch to Taylor SwiftSymbolism!
  13. religion!
    Pope Francis Graced With Katy Perry’s PresenceAnd now for something completely different.
  14. American Idol Is Back and Desperate to Inspire YouNow on ABC instead of Fox, the original singing competition has gotten sprinkled with a bit of Disney pixie dust.
  15. The Sound of Modern Pop Peaked This Year — and Now It Needs to ChangeIn an effort to be everything to everybody, big singles are marching toward “pop centrism.”
  16. Pop Music’s Feature ProblemPop stars are regularly collaborating with rappers and R&B artists on their singles, but those singles aren’t hitting like they used to.
  17. inspiration
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gives an Update on Her Cancer Treatment“Chemo #2: finito. We are NOT fucking around here.”
  18. whoopsies
    Katy Perry Got Helplessly Stuck Midair During a ConcertAwkward.
  19. mean girls
    Taylor Swift Used Katy Perry’s Mean Girls Diss Against Her in New Song“I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined.”
  20. videology
    Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ Video: Don’t Let Katy Near the Space Jam SequelNo, Taylor Swift does not make a cameo.
  21. where's the beef?
    Kendrick Totally Takes Taylor and Katy’s Beef More Seriously Than His Drake BeefIt’s even realer than his beef with Drake, obviously.
  22. lyric videos
    Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ Lyric Video Is, Blissfully, Not About Taylor SwiftIt stars Brazilian singer and meme queen Gretchen.
  23. music
    Katy Perry Explains the ‘Strange Race to Be the Most Woke’If it is indeed a race, she’s falling behind.
  24. Katy Perry’s Feud With Taylor Swift Should End, But It Won’tIt’s remarkable that this beef even exists.
  25. the badder the blood
    Katy Perry Caps Off Her Week by Talking About Taylor Swift Once Again“I’m sorry for anything I ever did.”
  26. real talk
    Katy Perry Livestreamed an Intense Therapy SessionShe revealed that she once had suicidal thoughts.
  27. mindfulness
    What Is Going on With Katy Perry’s Livestream?Transcendental meditation, mostly.
  28. Katy Perry’s Witness: Not a Total DisasterBut it’s not the major statement she promised us, either.
  29. the streaming wars
    Taylor Swift’s Music Is Returning to Spotify, and the Timing Is Really ShadyDoes Taylor hate Katy more than she hates Spotify?
  30. feuds
    Katy Perry Is Still Using Her Press Tour to Talk About Taylor SwiftAnd hey journalists! Please stop asking!
  31. What Is Katy Perry Doing?Woke pop might not be the best move for Katy Perry.
  32. songs of the week
    6 Best New Songs of the Week: Vince Staples, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, MoreSelena Gomez and Camila Cabello vie for the best pop debut of the week.
  33. feuds
    Katy Perry Confirms Taylor Swift Feud During Carpool Karaoke“She started it, and it’s time for her to finish it.”
  34. Dwayne Johnson Ends the 42nd Season of ‘SNL’ on a Very High Note Over 42 years, Saturday Night Live has weathered its share of cultural storms, joking its way through everything from Watergate to 9/11, […]
  35. last night on late night
    Katy Perry Adds Fuel to That Taylor Swift ‘Swish Swish’ FireThe song is about “bullies.” Hmmmmm …
  36. feuds
    Is Katy Perry’s New Song ‘Swish Swish’ a Taylor Swift Diss Track?“Karma’s not a liar. She keeps receipts.”
  37. The Trouble With Woke Pop StarsIneffectual messaging isn’t a crime in the court of public opinion, but when wokeness is your stated aim, thoughtlessness is the result.
  38. revivals
    Katy Perry Will Be a Judge on the American Idol RebootBon appétit, America.
  39. i just lost my appetite
    The Most Uncomfortable Moments From Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appétit’ Video, in GIFsKaty Perry roasts herself.
  40. Summer Music Preview: Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Fleet Foxes, and Much MorePlus releases from Grizzly Bear, SZA, Wiki, a Broken Social Scene reunion, and two Shabazz Palaces albums.
  41. bad blood
    Katy Perry on Taylor Swift Bad Blood Rumors: ‘Don’t Come for Me’“Everything has a reaction or a consequence so don’t forget about that, okay, honey.”
  42. right click
    Katy Perry’s New Song ‘Bon Appétit’ Is Full of Food-Related Sexual InnuendosKaty Perry is served.
  43. Lorde Thinks There’s Something ‘Holy’ About Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’She’s a cool teen and a poptimist!
  44. Watch Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder Sing Happy Birthday to Elton JohnA legendary birthday deserves a legendary duet.
  45. lgbtq rights
    Katy Perry on Going From Jesus Camps to Kissing Girls“Truth be told, I did more than that.”
  46. WATCH: What Is Going on With All of Katy Perry’s Bizarre Interviews?“Now that you’re Ed Sheeran, it’s like, put your ball sack on me.”
  47. housing collapse
    Watching Katy Perry’s House Fall Offstage at the Brits Will Teach You EconomicsWe’re all chaaaained to a failing system.
  48. billboard charts
    Rihanna Passes Michael Jackson for Third-Most Top 10 Hits EverThe Chainsmokers have also made chart history.
  49. videology
    Katy Perry’s ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ Video Is Set in a Dystopian Theme ParkPlease keep your arms and legs inside the dystopia at all times.
  50. radio vulture
    Katy Perry Is a Little Late to the ‘Purposeful Pop’ PartyKaty Perry just coined a name for something her peers have already been doing for a while now.
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