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  1. dumb and dumber
    Stupidest Things of Summer: Enter Lohan and Piven!Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Piven debut, and how long can “Rocket to Uranus” hold on?
  2. music
    Israeli Soldiers Perform to Ke$ha While On Patrol in the West BankThe “Tik Tok” enthusiasts are also now in trouble.
  3. quote machine
    Rufus Wainwright’s Poor BlackBerryPlus: Kristen Stewart’s fans making her a little nervous.
  4. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: Not Such a Stupid WeekWell, there was Bristol Palin, dirty-talking ‘Shrek’ toys, and Eminem.
  5. in the magazine
    How Your Songs of the Summer Get MadeWondering who to credit or blame for jams like “Tik Tok,” “California Gurls,” and “Your Love Is My Drug”?
  6. tv
    If Star Trek Had a Ke$ha Soundtrack …“Working on the Enterprise is pretty much a nonstop party.”
  7. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: An Embarrassment of Riches“Rocket to Uranus” holds on, Ke$ha plummets, and the Situation and ‘Jonah Hex’ debut!
  8. quote machine
    Kristen Stewart to Have Face TransplantPlus: Ke$ha still saying things.
  9. dumb and dumber
    Stupidest Things of Summer: The List BeginsA running ranking, from “Rocket to Uranus” to misspelled Jugalo tattoos and awkward Ke$ha lyrics.
  10. quote machine
    Rampage Jackson Clears Everything UpPlus: Chris Brown’s visa request denied by country of Europe.
  11. music
    3OH!3 and Ke$ha Debut Painful New Video, ‘My First Kiss’Ugh with the mouth close-ups.
  12. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: The Top SixThe real contenders are in.
  13. quote machine
    Megan Fox Remarkably Insightful About True Nature of Compliments She Receives
  14. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: Steamroll PopThe top contenders from the world of pop radio.
  15. music
    Ke$ha Finds a Desert Boyfriend in Her ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ VideoNot as bad as “Blah Blah Blah.”
  16. music
    U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Perform a Hypersexual Tribute to Ke$ha’s ‘Blah Blah Blah’“No one in the video is gay … that we know of.”
  17. honky tonk
    Nashville Flood Wreaks Havoc on Country MusicLuckily, Ke$ha is coming to the rescue.
  18. quote machine
    Ke$ha Heard Some People Thought Her SNL Performance Was ‘Great’Plus: Taylor Momsen has basically made the greatest album ever, claims Taylor Momsen.
  19. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Ke$ha to the GossipPlus: Angels and Airwaves, Saves the Day, Weezer, MGMT, Girl Talk, Hanson, Drake, Matt & Kim, Wale, John Doe and Exene Cervenka, Tanlines, the Willowz, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Echo & the Bunnymen, the Gossip, and OK Go.
  20. what?
    The Simpsons Salutes Ke$ha, for Some ReasonDespite the music, it’s pretty delightful.
  21. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Ryan Phillippe Has MusclesAnd Ke$ha has costumes.
  22. academia
    Princeton Professor Dissects Ke$ha’s Shakespeare ReferencesThe lyric “Oh oh, oh oh” is clearly a nod to King Lear’s line “No, no, no, no!”
  23. music
    Ke$ha + John Travolta = K-VoltaShe’s a fun, funky 56-year-old man.
  24. hidden talents
    Saturday Night Live’s Newest Writer: Ke$ha“Someone recently told me I smell like shrimp in a diaper.”
  25. quote machine
    JFK Reincarnated As Person With Questionable Taste in JewelryPlus: Rufus Wainwright outs 50 Cent.
  26. tours
    Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Nicki Minaj Join Forces for TourLast Girl on Earth tour will make stops throughout North America this summer.
  27. quote machine
    Liam Gallagher, Conspiracy TheoristPlus: Robert Pattinson recounts a recent embarrassing incident involving his butt crack.
  28. music
    See Ke$ha Squirm When She’s Called Out for Hating on Britney“I didn’t write that bit, that was from when I was 15.”
  29. music
    Hear a Surprisingly Sweet Ke$ha Song From 2002Under all that crusty glitter she’s got a lovely voice.
  30. music
    The Ten Stupidest Ke$ha Lyrics“I threw up in the closet and I don’t care.”
  31. music
    See 13-Year-Old Ke$ha Performing Radiohead at a School Talent ShowTerrible. But aren’t all 13-year-olds terrible?
  32. music
    Hate-Watch Ke$ha’s Despicably Bad ‘Blah Blah Blah’ VideoA strong argument for canceling music altogether.
  33. music
    Watch Ke$ha Deface the Hollywood SignLame.
  34. are you ready for some football?
    Super Bowl Snubs Swift For UnderwoodThankfully, no one in the NFL has ever heard of Ke$ha.
  35. quote machine
    Dead Jim Morrison No Fan of Ke$haPlus: Michael C. Hall just answering e-mails all day.
  36. quote machine
    Anthony Hopkins Wishes That You Damn Kids Would Just Speak Up, AlreadyPlus: Mickey Rourke’s love knows no bounds.
  37. quote machine
    Courtney Love Doesn’t Get Ke$ha, EitherPlus: Kara DioGuardi weighs in with her choice to replace Simon.
  38. charts
    Susan Boyle No Longer No. 1Who is this Ke$ha anyway?