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    Did You Catch the Mulholland Drive Cameo on Twin Peaks?Rebekah Del Rio returns.
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    Angelo Badalamenti Tells the Stories Behind 5 Twin Peaks SongsI would say, ‘David, how much slower can I play it?’ ‘Play it slower.’”
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    Big Little Lies’ Music Supervisor on Creating the Show’s Distinctive SoundtrackAnd why those Monterey kids have such sophisticated taste in music.
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    Why The Young Pope’s Score Chooses to Embody ‘Musical Promiscuity’No churchly hymns here.
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    Michael Giacchino Is Scoring Another Marvel FilmStaying in the family.
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    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Are Scoring Another Film TogetherGood choice in duo.
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    Transparent Composer on the Show’s Piano Score“The piano was something that always felt part of the writing in some way.”
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    Alexandre Desplat Picks Post–Rogue One ProjectGoing from deep space to … even more deep space.
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    Carter Burwell on His Coen Bros., Jonze ScoresSpike Jonze and the Coen Brothers’ composer of choice details his process.
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    Alexandre Desplat on 5 of His Great Movie ScoresWith two new films that he composed the music for out in recent weeks, we asked Desplat to share stories behind five of his most well-known scores.
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    Jonny Greenwood to Score The MasterThe Radiohead guitarist will score his second P.T. Anderson film.